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The Best Free PC Games

Money doesn't buy happiness.


The rise of free to play as a business model for PC games over the last few years has paved the way for some incredible PC games to flourish. Here, then, is a list of the best free to play games currently available on the platform. Note that we only included games that do not require you to pay at a certain point to progress--only games that let you play for free, forever, are counted.

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Dota 2

"The experience of playing Dota changes day by day--some evenings will be exhilarating, while others will kick your morale to the curb--but there are few games as worthy of your time investment as this." -- Read our review

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League of Legends

"Once League of Legends has its hooks in you, don't be shocked to find you've spent a few hundred hours seeking digital fame in one of video gaming's finest battlegrounds." -- Read our review

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"Smite is a godsend for the MOBA genre, with the heart of its gameplay proving that innovation to the war plan for tower siege games is possible." -- Read our review

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Path of Exile

"This always-online game's chat channels are often filled with statements like "This is the sequel to Diablo II I always wanted," and developer Grinding Gear Games clearly looked to Blizzard's classic for inspiration..." -- Read our review

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Ghost Recon Phantoms

"A great cover system, balanced class perks, and some cool high-tech gadgets make the moments where it all comes together feel immensely satisfying." -- Read our review

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"Rifts open seemingly anywhere--possibly even right above you. The first time such an event occurs in your immediate vicinity, it is spectacular." -- Read our review

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

"...An enjoyable massively multiplayer online game with knockout production values. The Old Republic's foundation is somewhat ordinary; what makes it great are the fine details that gild its edges." -- Read our review

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The Lord of the Rings Online

"With plenty of familiar landmarks as well as a few original to the game, it's got plenty of fan service without ever resting on the laurels of a famous franchise." -- Read our review

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PlanetSide 2

"The massive first-person battles make you fear every step and celebrate every kill, knowing that one small victory contributes to the greater cause." -- Read our review

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Team Fortress 2

"...Though your free-to-play options may have increased considerably in the past few years, there are few that do it as well as Team Fortress 2." -- Read our review

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World of Tanks

"World of Tanks is a slick-looking game with a ridiculous amount of great content to back up its accessible tank-on-tank combat." -- Read our review

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War Thunder

"Dozens and dozens of planes and tanks from each of the five principal nations that fought it out for freedom or fascism in the 1930 and 1940s collide on every map in wild, cataclysmic battles that alternate between intimidating and exhilarating." -- Read our review

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Tribes: Ascend

"The unique movement mechanics transform every aspect of this otherwise straightforward shooter, creating combat zones unlike any others and making Tribes: Ascend a great bet for online competition." -- Read our review

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War of the Roses

"After you lose too much blood and collapse to the ground, there's nothing as unsettling as watching helplessly while your foe towers over you and proceeds to stab a broadsword through your ribs to finish the job." -- Read our review

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

"In true Blizzard form, Hearthstone shatters barriers to entry while supplying the means to access greater challenges if you seek them. Indeed, card gaming veterans will find much to love beyond the cheesy puns and happy aesthetic." -- Read our review

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