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Stellar Blade Guides Hub

Get ready to reclaim Earth with the help of our Stellar Blade guides hub.


Stellar Blade takes you to the far future, one where humanity has been overrun by a deadly menace. With but a single city left standing, it's up to the vanguard warriors of the Colony to reclaim the planet. This leads to the introduction of Eve, a heroine who's more than a match for the deadly challenges thrown her way. She also meets companions, such as the pilot Adam and the engineer Lily. Your goal: see to it that the trio succeeds in their task. Our Stellar Blade guides hub has several articles to help you on your quest.

Stellar Blade guides hub

General guides

Beginner's guide - We've got a bunch of tips for those who are just starting out. We cover basic mechanics, as well as advanced concepts that you're bound to encounter within the first few hours.

Mission list/how long to beat - How many hours do you need to spend to complete the campaign?

How to fast travel - You're going to explore several regions, so you might as well have the means to make the journey smoother.

How to change Eve's hairstyle - You don't have to stay stuck with the same look, and Eve certainly doesn't want to have "dull" hair.

Collectibles and outfits

All Eve outfits and nano suits - Slay in style by wearing different attires.

All Adam and Lily outfits - Your buddies have their own alternate attires, too.

Can collectibles - There are 49 of these beverages in total. Can you find them all?

Perks and combat

Best skills - Lay waste to your enemies and counter their moves.

Body Cores and Beta Cores - Maximize your HP and energy by acquiring the souls of the departed.

Exospine locations - Obtain mechanisms that can be upgraded to boost your capabilities.

Puzzles and progression

Xion: Math puzzles - Someone in humanity's last city wants you to play the numbers game.

Xion: Lost Ark - A certain sect has a hideout in the city, but you need to look around for the code.

Eidos 7: How to make the flood waters recede - This zone has an area that's submerged in contaminated water. If you can make the floods recede, then you'll be able to explore further.

Wasteland: How to access the Forbidden Area - Something sinister lurks at the bottom of this pit.

Multiple regions: Recruit Passcode Specialists - Can you discover the locations of altars and figure out the correct symbols?

Multiple regions: Fantastic Bait - You can relax a bit by fishing. Still, there are several quests and rewards that await.

Secrets and spoilers

The guides below have spoiler-filled details. Read them at your own risk.

How to unlock Eidos 9 - Eidos 9 is the secret level in Stellar Blade, and it has a strict unlock requirement.

How to get all endings - Conclusions, points of no return, and key decisions--you're bound to have your hands full.

Stellar Blade has you facing off against vicious Naytiba while trying to figure out your origins. Action, thrills, and a bunch of collectibles await. We'll add more articles to our Stellar Blade guides hub soon, so stay tuned.

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