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Optical media is so 90's early 2000's. My entire Steam library is digital, when I built my new PC in December, I didn't even bother putting my Blu-ray drive in the free drive bay. Windows was installed from a SD card, the first time I've used such a device to install an OS.

In my country - the United Kingdom - there are no physical PC games in stores, at least not any new ones. The last game I purchased on disc was Civilisation V.

There is one major factor you've all missed about why PC games have gone digital, and that is the size of modern games and Blu-ray disc, or rather the lack of PC BD disc support and BD-Drives on PC's. Unlike PC CD-ROM and then DVD PC games discs, Blu-ray never made the transition to PC as the medium for shipping PC games. Without the larger disc capacity that BD disc provides, PC game publishers would either have to distribute their games on multiple DVD's or provide one or two discs and the rest of the game as a download.

Imagine how many DVD discs a game like the 113GB Gears of War 4 would need for a full install on DVD discs?

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So here is a first for me, a post on the 'school playground' that is 'System Wars'. A video from Euro Gamer's Digital Foundry about the poor old Xbox One S.

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Let me just clear something up here before you attack me. I'm a 'Gamer', I play on all sorts of consoles and computer's, I'm not a hardcore fan of any particular one. I own an Xbox One X, a Switch and and I've recently built a new gaming PC.

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I got it in the case now, Windows installed. Played a few games. The performance increase with the i7 8700 massive! My old AMD FX 8350 just couldn't cut it anymore. I just need a new GPU now to replace my old GTX 970.

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POST success! I made a test bench (my wooden dressing table). Placed my mobo on the motherboard box, plugged it in, hooked up to display and it booted, yay! Worked with GPU installed as well. Memory must have been loose or something.

Just need to put it in the case now.

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I only did a barebones install, just to check everything. The machine came on, no POST and no image on display.

I tried doing a cpu re-seat. Instead of putting the H7 back on I tried the intel heatsink. It looked easy enough in youtube videos. Could I install it? Nope! Despite watching some videos I couldn't get those push throughs to go in. I was getting angry so I abandoned it. Now I'm going to have to put the H7 on again.

The case has already has stand offs. But there is one near the middle, larger than the rest. It sticks up through the mobo - like it's there to line things up. Should I try to remove this? Thing is, not sure if it can be removed. Surely though, if there was a short, the machine wouldn't come on at all right?

It was the fact I was getting so annoyed and frustrated I gave up yesterday.

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So today I 'tried' to build a new PC, but failed. I put the PC together, it turned on, but wouldn't post. As it was taking too long, I'm go try again tomorrow.


Intel i7 8700


Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 Vengeance LPX 16 GB

My old GTX 970 - upgrading this soon.

550 Corsair PSU

Corsair Carbide 200R case

So, want went wrong?

CPU and heatsink seems to hooked up fine.

I've checked the the memory are in the correct slots.

All the cables are correct from the PSU - including power for the CPU

I'm going to re-seat everything tomorrow and test the machine out side the case.

Could need some further advice please. Not my first build, but it's really damaged my confidence. :(

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How do you have your console connected to the power? Direct to the mains or via a power strip? Any surge protection in-between.

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Shocking! I could get more value for £16 shopping in my local Primark!!

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@Xabiss: Yeah, I know about the Commodore CDTV, it was a major flop, although at the time it looked awesome - at least it did in pictures anyway. Far too ahead of it's time, and expensive.

But in your list, last but one, you've put the C64? The C64 sold over 30 million machines, that's excellent for a 1980's computer. It was also my first computer, way back in 1987.

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@Xabiss: Why have you listed the Commodore 64? The C64 was a home Computer, not a console.

There was a console version of the C64, the 'Commodore 64 Games System' or 'C64GS'. Released in 1990, a whole 8 years after the C64 Computer, it was already obsolete by the time it came out.