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It's such a shame Sega no longer hold licenses for some of their other classic tiles. Which means of course, there's no chance of Sega Rally, Outrun 2 or some of their arcade back catalogue like the classic Scud Race.

We only have the port of the original Outrun because Sega modified the main car so that it's no longer a Ferrari Testarossa.

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I just had to get this. Going as far as buying a 3000 yen card off play Asia. Could never afford the the Mega Drive version back in 93, I think it was £70 in the UK back then!!

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Err...Don't lots of Switch users also own another console or a PC?? I know I do. I have a decent PC and an Xbox One X, and I also own a Switch. Not thinking of getting rid of it anytime soon.

Switch is not competing directly with Xbox or PlayStation so....

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80's and early 90's favourites, no particular order.


Time Pilot

Track & Field



Double Dragon



Super Hang-On

Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja




Kung-Fu Master

Chase HQ

Final Fight

Operation Wolf

Operation Thunderbolt

I had some favourites in the middle to late 90's, then Arcades faded away

Sega Rally

Ridge Racer

Scud Race

Crusin' USA

Virtua Fighter 2

Rush the Rock

Area 51

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Fallout 3 and Fallout NV. Although technically I'm already playing remastered versions of these games. I've downloaded texture mods and ENB's to make them look more modern. Just take Fallout 3 for example, ,mine looks like this:

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Google Stadia will be playing streamed PC games with a controller. The graphics hardware behind the scenes is pretty decent, but not 'Next Gen', not yet anyway.

Apple Arcade plays IOS games with a sub, not next gen.

Amazon Premium ???

Netflix Interactive ???

Epic Games Store - it's just another PC digital store, so what?

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I was in my 20's when I joined here, now I"m 41 this year!

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@Renegade_Fury said:

I can adjust to 30 fps, but there's a giant ass difference. As a third person example, in the PC version of Yakuza 0, I was playing around 120 fps which makes it disappointing whenever I have to go back to 60 or 30 fps in the newer games on PS4.

Yeah, I guess when you've seen something running that smooth it's hard to 'unsee it' again lol.

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I did some experiments a few days ago on my PC with Rise of the Tomb Raider. I played for a while in 60 fps, it's great. Then, with the game still open, locked the FPS to 30 with Riva Tuner and halved the refresh rate to get that 'close to console' experience.

Well, its still playable, and I could theoretically play all the way through with this. But, after playing for about 30 mins with these settings, I changed it back to 60 fps and a full refresh rate. No, its clear, the difference is 'night and day'.

I'm not why RDR2 feels smooth in at 30 fps on the Xbox One though. Well it does in third person anyway, not first person though.

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Okay, so I haven't created a topic on here in a long, long time. Please be gentle!

So here it is, the great debate, probably be asked about on these haloed forums again and again.

I'll admit getting more into PC games now having recently built a new PC, I'm noticing it more when I play on my Xbox One X or the Switch. Take RDR 2 for example, it feels fine in third person, but in first person that 33ms latency doesn't feel great. So much so, playing in first person on that game just won't cut it anymore. But like I said, third person is great, no complaints at all.

Its really annoying when a console game can't maintain its target frame rate. Take Fallout 4, as soon as you hit a dense forest the FPS tanks, It's not 30 fps anymore and you can really feel the latency in input. This happens on the original Xbox, the PS4 pro (which I used to own) and the One X. So I now play that game on my PC, at a lovely silky smooth 60 fps. Okay, so I'm not targeting 4K, but 60 fps 1080P beats 4K 30 in first person mode all day, no question.

So what about you? Can you play happily any game at 30 fps, first person or third person?

Of course, PC only enthusiasts will say any game running at 30 fps is unplayable!

Okay, so I'm done here for now.

(Scurries behind the sofa to hide)