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I did my first playthrough on Hard, then my second on Survivor for all collectibles, and survivor NG+ to get the last trophy for platinum. I haven't played SP on anything below Hard and wouldn't dream of it, Hard felt like Normal in most games and survivor is pretty easy too when you know how.
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Because PS3 has a massive userbase, PS4 does not.
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Clickers are incredibly easy to deal with as is all Infected in the game... You can run through most encounters without even using a bullet! It can get to the point where its a little game breaking, like if you have an A.I partner with you just keep running around until they kill it for you! Works like a charm for saving bullets on survivor.
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haven't experienced this but then I play with headphones so it could just be that im not hearing it. I know what you mean though, Crysis 2 and Uncharted 2 did this to my PS3.
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Absolutely love the design, its like two PS2 slims stuck together and thats awesome. My only question is wheres the power button?
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David campaign?MethodManFTW
I just found out that David is played by Nolan North, dam im usually good at picking him out in games but he got me this time... :P Outstanding performances from every actor in the game really!

ND are calling the DLC a "Side story", probably featuring Joel then.

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Had a few freezes and got hit with the infamous save bug but after that its been flawless. :)
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So where do you think they will go with this DLC? There are several gaps in the story and a whole 20 years to fill from the start of the game. It would be pretty cool to see what went on in Joels life in that time but thats probably beyond the scope of DLC.... Cant wait to get some details on it! :)

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Took me just over 11 hours on hard, im quite surprised by people saying 20+. Im usually the person that takes the longest for my first playthroughs! Game is certainly one of the finest this generation and worth everyones time and cash!
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They experimented with it, problem was they did it twice in a row!! They really need to make another proper R&C, TOD & ACIT were both terrific! QOB too but that was a TOD expansion really. Maybe Sony didn't give them much to work with on the latest games but they must also have been very busy! (FUSE, XB1 exclusive etc.)