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Madden in Europe? Its completely irelevant...
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No way, 7-8 years with the PS3 is plenty! PS4 is about 2 years overdue at this point.... Still love and will continue to play my PS3 but I cant wait to get my 4. I know you will see hundreds of "Do you wish you waited?" threads at launch though.
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You can pre-order a red and blue DS4 from Shopto, both look pretty ugly and just wow at the price.... games/ps4/PS4DU02-sony-dual-shock-4-controller-magma-red

Link ain't working but if you go to Ps4 coming soon you should see them.

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Im looking forward to Blacklist, Conviction wasn't a bad game but it was a terrible SC game. Blacklist seems to be taking what was good about Conviction and blending it with some chaos theory goodness. Spies Vs Mercs is also another selling point for me, always good fun on there!
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Shadow Fall is definitely one of my most hyped games for next gen, Killzone 2 is FPS perfection and I believe the MP director from 2 is back for SF. :) Going to be a great year for Killzone, Vita game is also looking sublime!
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Starhawk is still very much alive and kicking!
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Possibly if it turns out better than the PS3 version, to my understanding there are two teams doing each build. Team 1 doing PS4/XB1/Wii U and Team 2 doing PS3/360. Ubisoft ports on Wii U seem to be pretty decent so far so if this launches before PS4 then Wii U might be my choice.
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Yeah in a way, Ive had my Wii U since launch and and only have 4 games. Two of those games I already have for another system (Darksiders II & TTT2) and the other two are Zombi U which was great and New Luigi U which I just bought yesterday. Ive used the system for browsing and streaming movies to the pad mostly, its just enough for me to justify the purchase but I do wish there was more to play. However I keep favouring other console versions of games because the input lag on the Wii U analog sticks are atrocious! (It could be a software issue but every game I have played you need to move the analog stick over halfway before it responds.)
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I have a few games I bought on launch then later bought the GOTY edition, such as: Saints Row 3, Arkham City (then found out the save isn't compatible...), Uncharted 3, Fallout New Vegas, and a few others im forgetting. I also own 3 copies of Shadows of the Damned (1 Europe, 1 US, and, 1 Japanese)
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Uncharted 3 is by far the worst in the series so you wont miss much if you dont play it... Thats just my opinion though and im sure many people will say differently. You can take any big game and say its overated, its just a case of you not liking what the majority did and being in the minority.