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I shot the first doctor in the head with my revolver and tried to spare the other two. couldn't figure out how to progress so I slammed both of their heads into the nearest objects...

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Disk, ordered and paid for my Joel Edition. :)
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Im perfectly content with this, Keif will nail it.
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Dead Space 3, doing a collectible hunt while playing some Co-op.
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Ascension was a story that didn't really need to be told but I still had great fun with it! Last boss was pretty epic but as a "Fight" it wasn't very good.
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Im disappointed that the Clickers aren't featured. :( It seems like such a missed opportunity, imagine seeing another player hiding from a clicker and then you toss a brick in there direction! :p
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Now just wait for the "Who thinks The Last of Us is overated?" threads... Personally I dont believe any game deserves a 10 as nothing is 100% perfect but from playing the demo and seeing the trailers its going to be a mighty fine game that will please many and again no doubt have people crying over how overated it is.
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Multiplayer has the potential to be something special, like if theres an "Infected" mode where survivors have to fight against the Clickers and when they die they join them. I love that kind of mode, can get real intense if done right! Most people will jump on the MP hating bandwagon but I will at least see what its like first. 


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I thought it was actually really easy and remembered reading about a super hard difficulty spike but upon completion I wondered where that section was... I just juggled the enemies and spammed the purple blades magic attack and rage attack. I died once on my hard playthrough but once you get past the first wave its a cakewalk. Personally I think the Pollux fight is the hardest in the game and even thats easy with a hit and run strategy.
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Yep definitely get it, be warned though all DLC and Bioshock 2 have to be installed on the HDD and are not instantly available to play off the disk. It will eat about 25gb of your HDD space, though you could just avoid installing the BS2 MP DLC as I doubt anyone is playing.