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Platinum #152 - God of War: Ascension
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Im not exactly excited but I skipped NSMBU so Ive pre-ordered the standalone Luigi U edition.
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Platinum #150 - Tomb Raider and Platinum #151 - Worms Revolution Think I will play through GOW after work tomorrow and get back to Dead Space 3 soon. Im trying to not buy or start any new games and instead finish what I have already started but I couldn't resist picking up Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and Resident Evil: Revelations. Though my backlog is ridiculous its not so bad if I narrow it down to "Must play" titles and im contemplating selling off the games im likely to never play...
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- The Darkness III (Dat Darkness II ending, if we don't get a sequel im going to be sour!)
- The Warriors II
- Riddick 3
- Manhunt 3
- Monkey Island
- Diskworld (NEED THIS)
- Broken Sword
- Dead Rising 3 (If Capcom cancelled this...)
- Bioshock 4 (In space!!)
- Max Payne 4

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Im praying the PS4 will support the new PULSE headset, dropped quite a lot of money on that and it will be disappointing if they dont support it.
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Platinum #149 - Far Cry 3 Im finally getting my gaming flow back, really want to plough through my backlog before PS4.
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I will playthrough the Story first and will play as each character depending on the situation. I have a feeling we will start the game as Michael, he seems like the main character and also wont know Franklin from the get go. Possibly he will reach out to Trevor for help then we get missions from two perspectives and later in the game he meets Franklin and we get three? Cant see them having all characters available at the start since they all need an opening.
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Saints Row is brilliant, second game built on everything that was right in the singleplayer and expanded on it. Multiplayer on the original was superior though, Protect the Pimp, Big Ass Chains, and Blinged out Ride were immensely fun but for some reason have never been featured in the series again. :( Saints Row 3 was where everything went wrong, what happened to the 3 part story? Why was the story padded out with boring side missions? I dont mind crazy over the top style but with no context it just wasn't very good. I think the Angry Joe review of The Third absolutely nails it! I hope they go for a reboot next generation, bring back the 3 part story and have craziness in sensible dozes like SR2. Its a shame Saints Row was cancelled for PS3, would love to have it on there.
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Excellent! Will be buying this and The Warriors! I have both for PS2 and Xbox (Warriors for PSP too..) already but recently boxed them up. Hopefully Manhunt 2 comes soon too so I can quadruple dip that aswell! :D
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Platinum #147 - Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Platinum #148 - Army of TWO: The Devils Cartel Still working on MGS2 and going to try finish off Far Cry 3.