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OP is trolling for 2 major reasons. Maybe 3:

-BF1 is running the highest tick-rate of any previous BF games.
-BF1 ballistics are actually almost twice as fast as the previous 2 BF games
-OP is playing on console. Of which neither major console can hold stable 60FPS. Ever. DICE is useless here.

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SONY is gonna sell the PS4K for the same price as the original---new. $399. The rest of you are nuts thinking it'd be priced like the PS3.

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Dear OP: Since you don't seem to know Blizzard very well. These servers (on every platform this game is on) will probably be up for 10 years.

...or the entire lifespan of the PS4. Which, actually might not even be close to that long.

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If there's even a waver in games proclaiming to be 60FPS on PS4K I will show up at SCE's door so I can give them my middle finger. My biggest gripe is that SONY didn't make 1080p/60FPS mandatory at the start of PS4's life. It should have always been. There's no longer ANY excuses now that PS4K exists. Developers can suck a lemon. Stop dicking around.

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@Starshine_M2A2 said:

I've just started playing The Phantom Pain. I'm pretty up to date with the MGS 'lore' but so far, I have never heard of any of the characters or organisations that are being mentioned in this one.

Cipher, Paz, Zero, XOF... They're all talked about as if they've been in the series for ages but I have no clue who any of them are...

If you really have been playing the other games you should know how Paz & Zero are. Everything else was created for this entry. You wouldn't have heard of them before.

Also, of course these games are connected. 30+ years of story here. C'mon now.

Actually, if you wanna go back to the lore, there's 100 years of story here. Giant MGSV strategy guide has huge (amazing) section in back of book on it. Some eye-opening stuff there that will just make you go: "Goddamn!"

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@always_explicit said:

So a head shot is not an insta-kill or have a misunderstood. The rest sounds pretty interesting but its really does irritate me when I have to land more than one head shot to kill an enemy.

The Division is a RPG-Shooter.

...and the only way to play it---is headshooting everything. With a high powered sniper.

Man this game is gonna die REAL fast. I can see it already. Ubisoft falling on their face after the initial BS demo/previews. Big surprise. (WatchDogs)

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Hey OP, next time you make a thread, think twice before you make the title.

You're assuming all RPGs are the same. They are not. Not even close.

This goes same for all other genres. Not all games in those genres are created equal. That, and not everyone is gonna have the same opinion about even ONE title in that particular genre.

-_- C'mon man.

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Welcome to the mindset of CAPCOM: selling bits n' pieces of a 'game' to people and not even caring about it anymore.

I knew straight away when I started seeing some of the character redesigns & new character designs that I'd never touch this POS. They're horrible. And not surprisingly, CAPCOM couldn't even launch this game properly. Ugh. 2016 and developers/publishers still dropping the ball 10 years in a row.

CAPCOM is pathetic. It's not just because of SFV either...I been gaming for over 3 decades---I'm cynical as all hell.

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It's just a game to practice your headshot skills in---that's about it. The plot of this shovelware is stale as all hell. Gameplay is exactly the same as any of the Uncharteds' or even the recent MGSV.

I'm of the same mind as a few others...worth a rent, but definietly not worth $60. Especially a shooter that runs at 30FPS. I'm sick to death of devs/publishers doing this on current gen. There's ZERO excuse for it. I don't care what they say. Put graphics in the back seat, if a fighter/shooter on current gen doesn't run at ATLEAST 60FPS, start over.

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I used to think BattleField Frostbite engine was cool. Until I realized that since Day 1 (BFBC), DICE has never EVER had proper QA on it and ever since, all it's done is crash systems, be completely UNOPTIMIZED, no matter what platform you're playing it on.

Also, BFBC is still by far the best 'BattleField' ever created because of the original Gold Rush mode. Now? They keeping effing it up to oblivion making it worse each time. Same can be said for the staple Conquest Mode. Their map designers and weapon balancers are complete jackasses.

Yeah, BattleField is fun, but DICE still---cannot---for the life of them get their heads out of their asses. Neither can EA.