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Next Gen PS4/XB1

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty disgusted by it. XB1 is the worst of it all by far. PS4 not so much but I'm still pissed that they're forcing PSNPlus on everyone to access online content ONTOP of everyone already paying for access to online content with their ISPs. I ain't falling for that bullshit. They can go frag themselves.

Some of the games teased thus far have my interest but not enough to actually buy a console. To be clear, the only console I'd be interested in is PS4. MGSV, ACIVBF, and TheDivision are all that I find to be worth my attention. 

As you know---it's pathetic in the first place to pre-order anything or even buy anything Day 1 these days because of all impending DLCs and other bullshit that usually gets included in these games at a later day via some special edition, collected edition, ect. It's just not worth even bothering until that happens. I would apply this to the PS4 console itself as well. 

I wouldn't buy one until a year later (game library substantially cemented by then) when we know 2nd/3rd production models have better chipsets, software, updates, ect---and more importantly are actually worth a real price---discounted. And even then I'd wait til a Black Friday. LoL

Until then, see you later chumps.

Nomura Ryouji

This blog is dedicated to the awesome artworks of Nomura Ryouji and the many games he's help with character design.

  • Disgaea
  • La Pucelle
  • Atelier Iris

...to name a few. Games who are commonly published/developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Atlus/KOEI. If you're a fan of any of these games, their character designs, or anything of that nature then I suggest you start collecting his works at various sites up on internetz. (there are many) For some reason my earlier blog was CENSORED (deleted) by GS or by some individual who deemed his works as 'inappropriate' which was/is ridiculous when all photos posted followed the rules exactly and/or had absolutely no profanity, nudity, or anything of that nature. It was absurd and pisses me off but whatever, now get to collecting!