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What Gamespot Users have to say about Lost in Blue 3

  • Rating:10

    a great game! everytime i play it!

    Lost in blue 3 starts out just as the others in the series, your on the beach, events roll, you find a cave, ect, but this game is unique in its own way! with great cooking ways it makes it fun and exiting, and each char... Read Full Review

    1 of 2 users found the following review helpful
  • Rating:5

    Very repetitive gameplay .

    This game is very repetitive, with some minor tweaks added onto the game. This game is also just another attempt for Konami to milk their popular product on the DS. There's not one intersting aspect of this game to eve... Read Full Review

    1 of 3 users found the following review helpful
  • Rating:5

    Yippie! Reinforcing gender stereotypes is fun!

    Now, don't get me wrong, I've been a big fan of this series since the beginning. What's not to like? You can fight wild animals, survive on an island using only your wits! But, by the third installment, I've gotten ti... Read Full Review

    24 of 33 users found the following review helpful
  • Rating:8.5

    If you liked the prequels, then you'll... find this one quite familiar.

    Even though there are new aspects to it (you don't drop the stick if you go too fast in making fires - woo!), some of the players from the older games may find quite a lot very similar. I played as sam, the boy First ... Read Full Review

    3 of 5 users found the following review helpful