If you liked the prequels, then you'll... find this one quite familiar.

User Rating: 8.5 | Survival Kids: Chiisana Shima no Ookina Himitsu!? DS
Even though there are new aspects to it (you don't drop the stick if you go too fast in making fires - woo!), some of the players from the older games may find quite a lot very similar. I played as sam, the boy

First off, the good points:
Plays like the rest, which were awesome
Might be one time, but it told me when a crab was by me
Has an intriguing storyline at the beginning
You talk to your partner about more crucial stuff (trust me, talk to her, or you'll never ever advance)
More tools at an earlier stage (I made a bow and arrow on day 2 :D)
Your partner, Claire, is awesome (do shorter skirts EXIST, woman?)
4x Sweetfish +Rock Salt + Purple Bean = about 75 hunger replenish :o
Things that never filled you up a lot fill you up more, like raspberries and mushrooms (raspberrys give +4 instead of +3

Bad points:
Similar to the old game
cant find where to build :@
Claire's stats dont show in specifics
Stat screen has worsened graphics

I think that's enough. I'll probably not respond to PM's, but feel free to send them anyways