Lost in Blue 3 is trying to simulate survival on an island, and it sure does heck of a good job!

User Rating: 9 | Survival Kids: Chiisana Shima no Ookina Himitsu!? DS
The Lost in Blue series, in case you didn't know, is always about a group or a pair of individuals that are stuck on a island after their boat sank. Your main goals then, are to survive and of course get off of the island. This may not sound as exciting as your hack-and slash RPG's ... but it really is very fun! Especially becuase Lost in Blue 3 really fixes some of the issues that its prequels had. First, let me go over the good and bad points.

* You now have four allies, before you only had two. This helps by distributing the workload, which results in more work accomplished.

* The game isn't as hard as before, meaning your not in the constant danger of dying all the time. Your hunger and thirst meters seem to be bigger, which really helps!

* The new Japenese character look really spices things up, and changes the art style from LIB3 to LIB1 + 2.

* More items, food, more things to build and do.

*Smarter game controlled characters


*No improvment on the graphics which are just above average

*Some mini-games have some slight technical issues

*The girl characters are almost useless compared to the boy characters

Ok, so I played the earlier games in the Lost in Blue series .. and I quickly lost interest because of the difficulty, and repetitivness of the game itself. Lost In Blue 3 defenetly strays from the path of its prequels a little bit, allowing more mini games, new art style, and much easier gameplay. Some people might be thinking "Why is easier better?" and this is becuase it allows new players of the series to hop right in. And you can have more fun exploring when your not in constant danger of death.

Also, now you have four characters! Which really helps. While you go out and explore the island, you can get your other allies to gather food, firewood, and water! This way, the burden is not all on you. Also, the character AI is pretty good! The characters can pretty much fend for themselves as long as you have a barrel for water, and you leave them food.

With lots of mini-games, live diving, talking to monkeys, rafting, you are sure to have an enjoyable time on the island. Also, this game has more of a "plot" or "story" than the other games. Which I find is really great!

As I said in the bad points, the graphics are nothing spectacular .. and you might sometimes have trouble with the mini games. But these are only minor flaws, and will not take away much from your overall experience. One thing that will though .. is how the girl characters cant even do half of what the boy characters can do!

Being a girl, I wanted to play as a girl character of course. But, this was before I found out that in comparison the the guy they cant:

Climb half as high
Dive by themselves
They dont have as much storage space in their bags

The only thing that the girl characters have for them, is that they are better at making rope/baskets, they can crawl through little holes (that you dont even need to go through) and they can talk to animals. These traits are not that handy unfortunatly.

All in all, Lost In Blue 3 is a VERY enjoyable game that I will be playing for a long time. It is very fun, keeps your interest, its different then the other types of games out there, and its all in all a great game! In a buy or rent situation, I'd say BUY NOW! This is an amazing game worth your purchase.