a great game! everytime i play it!

User Rating: 10 | Survival Kids: Chiisana Shima no Ookina Himitsu!? DS
Lost in blue 3 starts out just as the others in the series, your on the beach, events roll, you find a cave, ect, but this game is unique in its own way! with great cooking ways it makes it fun and exiting, and each charter has there personal unique way to escape! with a few new tools, many new recipes, a entire island to explore, and many more options, it brings yet another point of view to the lost in blue series. there is only 2 true downfalls i might see. the day to day chores that you must do, witch can be avoided by sending each cast-away to do a job leaving you more time to explore, or if you come back, not playing for awhile, and forgot what you were doing. not knowing what to do or where to go is a downfall, however this is not that hard. And with all the ways to escape, even if you forgot what to do, just take another way off the island! still not changing that much from lost in blue 1 it still stands as a great title! if there was a lost in blue 4, i would not be surprised in the least. and with the great difficulty levels for players that does not make it impossible but still not a breeze, it's a instant classic!