Amazon Prime Day 2018: Acclaimed PS4 Game Persona 5 Discounted Heavily

"Everything's gains and losses for you, isn't it? I pity you, Mr. CEO."

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One of the best games for PlayStation 4 is on sale during Amazon Prime Day this year, Persona 5. You can pick up the standard edition for PS4 for just $30 USD if you're a Prime member, and those who are a generation behind should be happy to know that the PS3 version is going for only $20. While it's important to highlight a sale on this incredible, heartfelt RPG, be sure to peruse GameSpot for more deals on PS4 games and accessories here.

Persona 5 puts you in the shoes of a Japanese high school student who's been transferred to a new school after facing legal charges for an assault he didn't commit. By day, you make new friends, take on part-time jobs, go to class, and explore Tokyo. By night, you fight real-world injustice in the Metaverse--the manifestation of society's collective conscious--alongside like-minded friends. Social simulation and turn-based RPG combat come together so effortlessly, making it a unique and wonderful experience.

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You'll take down people who abuse their positions of power, whether it be a sadistic gym teacher or a CEO who exploits his employees and imposes terrible work conditions while paying unlivable wages. Persona 5 makes its themes abundantly clear and takes a strong stance on the things the Phantom Thieves fight against. Through it all, you'll grow closer to this cast of misfits and strengthen the bonds that inspire you to keep challenging unjust authority.

Persona 5 was awarded second-place in GameSpot's best of 2017 list as voted on by its staff, and received high praise in the official review. Persona 4 just celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its Japanese release and we put together an in-depth look at its last legacy and what makes it one of the best RPGs of all time.

For more on Amazon Prime Day 2018, be sure to look through all the deals we've compiled below. Prime Day ends at midnight on Tuesday night, July 17 (3 AM ET on July 18).

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