Horizon Forbidden West Is Only $30 For Black Friday 2023

Plenty of other PlayStation exclusives are also on sale.


If you haven't played Horizon Forbidden West yet, you can pick up the PS5 version for only $30 at Target during the retailer's early Black Friday 2023 sale. Listed for $50, Horizon Forbidden West's discounted $30 price matches the lowest all time for the sprawling open-world action-RPG. It also beats Amazon's current price of $40. The PS4 version is available for $20.

It's worth noting Horizon Forbidden West previously retailed for $70. The list price dropped to $50 when the Complete Edition, which comes with Forbidden West's Burning Shores expansion, launched for $60 last month.

Horizon Forbidden West naturally looks fantastic on PS5, feels even better thanks to the DualSense controller features, and if your sound system is up to the task, the Tempest 3D audio technology will convince you that you're really fighting a giant mechanical snake in the ruins of the old world.

"It might be jam-packed with stuff to see, do, know, and remember, but when its many systems come together, it can be a beautiful, exciting, and delightful open-world experience," Phil Hornshaw wrote in GameSpot's Horizon Forbidden West review. "The story that drives you through the frontier is often well-told and does well to center actual characters rather than audio logs, and while the map is littered with icons, it's much more often that they're fun, skillfully crafted diversions than random busywork to fill a checklist."

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