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A Fallout: New Vegas Player Is Trying To Raise $500,000 To Display Mr. House's Face On The Vegas Sphere

The real Las Vegas may not be a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but Fallout fans can dream.


A Fallout: New Vegas mega-fan is attempting to raise $500,000 in the hopes of bringing a taste of the Mojave Wasteland to current-day Las Vegas.

Fallout franchise fan Evan Zarsaz started a GoFundMe campaign earlier this week with the goal of obtaining enough cash to put the face of New Vegas's enigmatic ruler on the real-life Las Vegas Sphere for a day.

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"Let's get down to business," the fundraiser's description reads. "As the sole proprietor of the Las Vegas Strip, it's only right that Mr. Robert House of RobCo Industries makes his presence known in the crown jewel of the Mojave."

The cost to do so--half a million dollars--is quite pricey, but the Las Vegas Sphere is typically used for advertisements, and it would seem the Sphere's accounting department doesn't take Bottle Caps in lieu of cash. Progress has been slow--in the two days since the GoFundMe campaign was launched, 38 donors have raised a total of only $380 USD. Still, we're sure Mr. House would be flattered by the gesture, and it seems like Zarsaz's fellow Fallout fans firmly support his fundraising goals, with some making mockups of what the Sphere would look like if the fundraiser were to succeed.

Interest in the Fallout franchise has spiked after Amazon Prime Video released the first season of its highly rated Fallout television series, which is available to stream now. The events of Season 1--which features a brief scene in which Mr. House appears--seem to suggest Season 2 could take things to New Vegas.

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