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New Fallout 76 Update Will Include A Vault Run By Electrified Ghouls

The ghouls of Skyline Valley's Vault 63 have some truly shocking secrets.


Fallout 76's upcoming Skyline Valley update will include a new vault run entirely by ghouls. The announcement was made via a sneak peek video uploaded to Bethesda's Twitter account, in which creative director John Rush gave players a closer look at what kind of content they can expect to see when the update goes live, giving the updated map a stormy new skybox.

"Following the storm to its epicenter, you'll find the mysterious Vault 63. Inhabited by ghouls, this vault is led by Hugo Stoltz, an overseer with a particularly charged personality," Rush said in the video. "He's a friendly example of a new, electrified ghoul type we call The Lost. The Lost dwell in their own skewed reality, unable to communicate outside to others, and will defend themselves against any and all outsiders."

The preview trailer shows the player-character interacting peacefully with Hugo and observing some of the other peaceful ghouls within Vault 63 before stepping outside and being attacked by a horde of The Lost, each of whom dons a Vault 63 jumpsuit and appears to be crackling with electricity.

"For reasons you'll need to uncover for yourself, Hugo is an outlier, and will be a key character to befriend--or betray--as you learn more about his circumstances," Rush explained.

The update also includes new enemies called Storm Goliaths--or "a trio of supersized robo-brains," as Rush calls them--which were created by "the great minds of Vault 63." These heavily armored enemies appear to pack quite a punch.

The Skyline Valley region of the map will also include a unique public event called Dangerous Pastimes. Players are recommended to hit level 50 before partaking, and the on-screen event description simply reads, "Some settlers need help with their thrill-seeking activities."

The event itself takes advantage of the newly expanded map and stormy skies of Fallout 76, challenging players to take on the role of a storm chaser and power up a giant lightning rod to "kick off an electrical light show."

"Expanding the map allows us to continue evolving Appalachia, providing new content for all players to enjoy, regardless of level or experience in the game," Rush said of the update's new explorable areas. Fallout 76's skyline Valley update is set to arrive sometime in June.

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