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@TheFlush: "Nintendo was a 2015 fest"

How is that any different than Sony and Microsoft?

At least the PS4 has something to look forward to in 2014, though I agree that it seems like a videogame drought at the moment for all platforms :D

Only smash bros will be released in 2014 and I don't care for smash bros.

What is Sony launching in 2014? Multiplats?

Yes multi plats (and drive club and littlebigplanet 3), but at least that's something to put into your console to play. The WiiU gets literally nothing, not even those multi plats. And I don't think MarioKart 8 alone will keep me interested until 2015 unfortunately.

smash is coming this year.

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Strange, I would have disagreed with you until I actually listened to the tracks you posted and realised how good they were. I wonder why they didn't grab me the same way when I played the game? Was the music quiet during gameplay or something?

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MGS5 or The Division
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I like how Square showed literally the same trailer from last year.


And said a new FF will be released or worked on this year.

They say alot of things nowadays

Saying they're working on a new FF is not news.
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So unless I missed something they really just ignored the Vita, did they even talk about a price drop considering it dropped in Japan?

As soon as they started talking about PS4 any discussion about Vita would have been unwise. No-one wants to hear about a handheld that's already out when there's a whole new home console to discuss.
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I'm liking how ballsy gamespot's becoming. I haven't even played Journey but I respect gamespot for choosing it over one of the more mainstream titles that would have pleased more people.
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Bioshock Infinite or Xenoblade.
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Probably COD4. A number of publications gave their game of the decade to World of Warcraft for similar reasons as to why Modern Warfare would be remembered as such.
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Greg Kasavin. EDGE if taking a single publication.
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I never really played Conker so I don't know but was it really that funny? I mean, I've heard some great things about it, but from what I hear it's mostly toilet humour and the like. I guess what I'm asking is does it hold up today? Duke Nukem had a similar sort of 'juvenile humour' that people seemed to love before Forever came out and made everyone retract their statements and instead say that it was just 90's syndrome. Do you think Conker would equally suffer if released today?