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Wow...so sub 30fps on 900P is considered master race now? Wow....just wow. PC gamers are already getting a 120HZ 1200P daily. 1440P and 120 FPS is still rare and left only for the huge money burners.

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Wait a minute, why Trevor is the least likeable character. Trevor is basically the best. First I was kinda disgusted by him for killing Johnny K. But then I realized he planned to kill bikers anyway. After that, I understood that Trevor is a crazy psicopathic genious.

He is fun to play...that is for sure. His Rampage mode just proves it more. But there is something in playing as Michael, driving the Ferrari on the highway...listening to old rock...pretending you are a egomaniac with too much money to spend.
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To everyone replying to play games his age...if he has RDR he can play GTA 5. I played a lot of M rated games in my early teens and I didn't go on a killing spree...nobody did. Saints Row 3/4 is pretty fun, try some other genre or something.
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Giving it a lower score for something it doesn't have...but never claimed that it will have? Reminds me of Google Play reviews!

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IF GTA V gets a 9, it'll be a flop for me. 


If it gets an 8, it will be a universal flop and the interwebs will be flooded.


If it gets a 7, it'll be the largest flop not only in SW history, but in the entire existance of humanity.


I don't even want to think about the apocolypse that will follow if GTA V gets a 6... or *gulp* LOWER.

GTA getting something less than 8? Only if the reviewer is stoned and hates open-world games, is against violence and religiously supports the anti-gun laws.
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Because it's gameplay over graphics. Arma is a simulator...and that is it's selling point. If you want eye candy with decent gameplay go play Battlefield. If you want real tactics then you go Arma.

But...the pics you posted look better than anything that is currently on consoles. Only game that might competeis TLoU but it's level-based. This is open world.

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If the game was more into the SP then I like to know why I'm blowing stuff up and being awesome...but gameplay counts for more.

If it was more MP like Battlefield then I don't give a damn about the campaing. If your main selling point is MP then use your budget on that and add smart A.I for offline play.

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I think we can all agree:

Vannila-Shogun 2

Modded- Rome


In terms of gameplay Shogun 2 was best out-of-the box. But when you add the new mods for Rome it becomes a new game.

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Dota 2 with friends and Rome II.

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In case you don't know. The picture is looking at you from where ever you look at it....even if you aren't even looking.