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To everyone replying to play games his age...if he has RDR he can play GTA 5. I played a lot of M rated games in my early teens and I didn't go on a killing spree...nobody did. Saints Row 3/4 is pretty fun, try some other genre or something.
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But what's going to be the DLC for GTA V? 

Just let me whip out my crystal ball here...aaaaand...oh look! It doesn't work.
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You would probably wait 2 years until all DLC's came out. And then you would have an outdated game because the next-gen is going to be in full swing in 2 years. If you don't mind waiting 2 years and don't mind having older graphics go for it.
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Has the game gone gold?

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Ah man. The cutscenes are starting to leak on YT and torrent sites have complete cutscene audio (including the ending). Someone messed up really bad with the preloading stuff.

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This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. 

Next ABANDON THREAD .gif. That is all I can think of.
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Well, my headphones died after 2 years of service.

Now I'm in the market for headsets with a built in microphone. I don't know any good brands and what to look for in build quality so if you guys could suggest some good headsets for gaming it would be great.

Budget is not my concern but they can't be like 500$.

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Like always. I go for the better performance in games I play.

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Did you restart the game? That happend to me when my GPU refused to go into 3D mode clocks (staying at 300MHz instead of going to 1050MHz). I suggest you install MSI Afterburner and monitor the FPS and clocks for your GPU in-game.
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[QUOTE="homeboylizard"][QUOTE="call_of_duty_10"] Not really:P

That file on atomicgamer is 1.56 gb in size.It is a .rar file that contains both the mod and the fixes,but you can't download at >50kb/s from that website.I found a source that lets you download at a good speed,but it doesn't have the fixes.


Say,do you have the mod?Can you upload the fixes somewhere?

I had it but it made my game crash way too often so I un-installed. But I remember that Atomic let me DL at max speeds???

Nevermind,I found the fixes on a polish website. Had to use a translator to create an account,but I was able to download them easily after that.

Hehe. Glad you solved your problems.