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PS4 just so you don't get left behind, the library isn't that big, but that's understandable considering the console hasn't been out that long, but there are great games to play on it, and you'll future proof yourself for games what you like in the future.

Yes the PS3 has an amazing library of games, but thats because it's been out for 9years.

most of the big games for PS3 from the last 2 years have been released on the PS4 and there are so many indie games to buy you won't be stuck for any type of game.

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I'm going to say that it isn't bad frame rate and your mistaking it for lag, 5mb isn't great really, for that sort of speed you need to be wired up and not wifi, wifi can be hit and miss at the best of times and with such a low speed, it's always best to wire it up so you get the full speed, also if anyone else is using it as well can effect your speeds as well.

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It makes sense on so many levels for Naughty Dog and fans, the fact that Uncharted 4 is looking like the end of the franchise, it makes sense to re-release the trilogy from PS3 so you have the whole saga on one system, same with Batman, the last in the Arkham trilogy being only on the new consoles seems a waste not to bring the trilogy to one format, it will allow me to play through them and be ready for the new one, esp from myself a collectors stand point, it will look better on my shelf on one console than having them in different versions. I don'y agree with remasters to a certain extent, like god of war 3, why just give me the whole collection not just one game

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I'm not that fussed, I have a ok username, it isn't bad it isn't great, i don't really care, considering you can ask peoples real name anyway i don't really bother, it also seems when they implemented these usernames, they didn't put in a way to be able to change it, so unfortunately your just stuck sorry

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Anyone think the loading times are beyond a joke, considering this game is made around the fact that your meant to die many times over, the loading times are incredibly long just to get back into the action

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Why Santa Monica there fixated on God Of War, seriously how many games can that series do, it's become stale, and yet there making a new one it's time to move on and make a new game.

I think Naughty Dog are the ones to watch to see what they can do with the new hardware but i dont know what any of the rest are working on so it's hard to choose just 1

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Not worth it, I've had mine since the beginning, and I've yet to use it, the playroom is fun for about half an hour there is nothing to do in it really, the only benefit it gives you, is for streaming or it can be used as a mic in online games, thats it, it will be used with the vr headset there bringing out sometime next year i believe

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I'm not sure how the PS4 ps+ games could be any better, the console has only just released really, there aren't that many games they can just give away as of yet, the PS3 had a vast library to pick from for it's games, there doing a good job consistently giving free games every month, I mean there pulling games from no where just to get them onto ps+, there doing the best they can, and there could games

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It's good not so good it's just good, the great design and slimness of it, is amazing esp for the power inside it, the interface is very nice and easy to use, the only problem i have is, there is no organization, why i've got all the apps mixed in with the games is beyond me, i'd like another row just for the apps just to make it look neater, but other than that i'm happy, games wise no matter what people think, it's got a huge library and we are still really early in it's life cycle for the top games, so no complaints here and the so good bit is, i trust sony with there exclusives they have never let me down on that front, yes we've had some standard exclusives released but they aint bad games just not on the tier that sony are known for, but we have so much time for these games to turn out, i'm not worried.

and the track pad, i mean what is the point in it, really??? the things i expect it to be there for, you know the basics like using the thing as a mousepad like a laptop, esp on the browser, there is no function for that, just seems a bit of a waste of tech when it isn't even used for the basics, and that internet browser is the worst browser i've ever used.

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Why on earth name would you loan a total stranger, 800 no matter if you heard kids in the background, did you ever learn anything growing up, I've never heard anything so crazy I would be wary of lending that sort of money to a friend let alone a stranger, sorry to say but that money has gone, let this be a lesson to you, just because they seem friendly and have kids mean nothing