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It's because kids of today don't know the meaning of waiting, as we have the internet and streaming everything can be got NOW and not in a week, most series release the entire series within a week on streaming sites, alot of gamers came at the middle of last gen, and games had started coming out steadily like they always do after a year or so and believe that, the flow of games should continue, not taking into account that these are new consoles and developers are only just learning what works and what doesn't, and the biggest thing, because games are becoming bigger and more complex and more detailed, that game development is taking longer and longer, but the average gamer believe games can be made quickly and are easy to make, it's funny coming on these boards and reading the great threads about systems not having games when if they actually looked at the history of console launches we have had the biggest list of games ever within the first year, and still they complain. It's more down to the fact it isn't there type of game, or thee game they want, that is the problem and not the fact there arent enough games out already or coming out.

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@mdk12345: I sort of get what your saying, most aren't amazing games but the fact that there aren't really any games they can give us and could you imagine the back lash of giving us games what have come out in the first year and people will start thinking i may as well of not bought it. but then you look at these indie games and for me in the UK they cost upwards of £10 a game even 19.99 for some and we got them free, and alot of them were brand new games for the PS4 as well.

I'm quite liking the fact I'm finally going to get Injustice free, I was thinking about buying it at launch but thought nah i'll be alright so i'm glad, and Infamous first light, being it an exclusive game, I'm quite happy i'm not having to fork out money for a DLC, in my quest to own all exclusive games.

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Fuckoff @bezza2011, @BattleSpectre, you don't know what your own shit looks like in the toilet you bunch of lunatics...2K will hopefully support only the PS3 for at least the next 2 years with wwe games...Xbox 360 is DEAD!


GameSpot: 4 LINK

QUOTE from one review "WWE 2K15 on the PS3 is very much a clone of last year’s offering."

I think you ain't got a clue to be honest, if this isn't a sign that there slowing production for WWE games on old systems i don't know what is.

Nice manors by the way, giving you all the facts and still being completely out of order.

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the PS+ Version has been put on hold indefinitely, sorry to tell you that, and I think it be one of those things where it will just slowly leave peoples minds and it won't ever come out for free.

Yeah, and with project cars getting delayed until march, all we have Is The Crew coming out in terms of racing games. I hope that delivers the goods.

Really??? didn't know it had been delayed. well The Crew does look like fun, and it really looks or gives a through back to games like Need For Speed Underground where you can customize your cars and do them up, I may actually invest in The Crew when it comes out, I watched Boogie play it on YouTube and it looked fun.

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the PS+ Version has been put on hold indefinitely, sorry to tell you that, and I think it be one of those things where it will just slowly leave peoples minds and it won't ever come out for free.

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@christiaan1996: you can tell us all to F off but the fact remains there leaving the last gen behind now and concentrating on the current gen systems, and that's how it's going to be, this maybe the last year for the PS3/360 game you get. sorry to break it to you.

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I'll be getting it but probably at christmas, I don't think it will be a day one for me, but i'll have it by the end of the year.

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@frankiebotzkidd: For those wanting more news on exclusives, I mean honestly this is what i find strange about Microsoft, why show all your cards right now, when there not coming out anytime soon??? Sony are good at holding off information, it's better, it builds hype, if we new everything Sony was bringing out then, we'd have nothing to be hyped about, a staggered reveal is so much better, the games you listed for Sony is great and enough to warrant why i have my PS4, and the rest are bonuses, plus half of Sony's first party dev's haven't revealed what they are walking on and we'll soon know at this even and then E3 won't be that long off.

@TheTenth10: Yes that is the big let down for me with Infamous, having to swap powers this way, we should of been allowed to have all the powers and switch on the fly, it did suck a bit of the fun out of it.

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@MondasM said:


to my experience, rest mode (yeah the name blows), turns off the orange led on top, that used to be always on during standby, however downloads are still being made, so it does not turn off the system...

thank god for that lol. i thought my system was failing lol

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@christiaan1996: it's getting shocking reviews, main area's have been took out the game, graphics are terrible in places, the roster is shockingly small, reviews are just giving it a bad name, I'd hold off this year and get yourself a next gen console for next years installment and keep playing 2k14