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Watchdogs is unpolished and a pretty shabby job of covering up how bad the graphics are, driving is a mess for a game, when you consider you wanna have some fun, hacking seems great at first until it clicks that your basically pressing 1 button, and to top everything else off, everything from the beginning is right there, there isn't a reason to explore, you look at your map pick where to go and go, everything is unlocked from the beginning.

GTA5 isn't perfect steering way to much towards story than customization for my liking, stock market is a mess and a strange one when your a criminal of the lower part of the ladder, not enough businesses to take over not enough shops to rob, heists should be open to play in free roam and not just part of the story, Money means nothing in the single player game because by the end you have enough to buy near enough everything, and still have plenty left plus nothing seem's worth it, I mean once you finish the game and your only activties to mess about with is yoga and a triathlon, you start to wonder are Rockstars minds actually on a crime driven game anymore or not. except from all these things i'd like to be changed the graphics were superb for the time, the driving is so much fun, the story isn't half bad, the 3 way character selection is a nice idea, and the world is super polished.

so for me GTA5 is the better game but

GTA5 is So much EyeCandy and not enought interaction & WatchDogs is So much Interaction, but bland backgrounds.

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I'm sorry but even listening to them it's quite obvious there a bunch of 20 year olds messing around programming, thinking oooooo we could kick back relax don't go to work and get paid buy a bunch of moron's and make this game happen, only to realize that money doesn't last when your spending it on bills and flash clothes and holidays and what ever else they spent the money on, because come on it doesn't cost to make a video game it costs the people who make them, that's who your paying, if there not 100% in and know what there aiming for, then it's just like me and someone else going lets make a game lets do this, o but what else should we do lol, you need a true creative mind to create a game and dedication, which they simple lacked, I mean they must of had a great time with 500,000

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How can Sony chase this market when they've pretty much f'd off the move controllers and the camera is very popular but still Sony "MAKE SOME MOVE GAMES!!" honestly they need to buy up a couple of decent companies who are willing to work on dedicated move games, and then we might see some casuals picking it up, get into the fitness thing, get a ps board out, get a ps fit game out, bring out a new sport champions game that was amazing, the Move really is an amazing 1:1 device, but the games just didn't match the tech except sport champions, you get a game like that at a top class graphically and it plays like wii sports/resort then i honestly believe their onto a winner.

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Yes because all the people are moaning about this don't realize that the game is being released at a reduced price, to the point it's availible from some retailers for only £30, amazon are doing it for £38,

people going on about there only in it for the money, of course there in it for the money it's a business, they need to make money to make games :S

@chronoschris What the, are you going on about???? Sony are relying on remasters??? :S have you seen anything coming out of the X1 yet??? NO, Have you seen Sony release any Remasters other than The Last Of Us???? NO, idiot the only remasters we've had are Tomb Raider which is a multiplat and GTA5 which omg is a multiplat. taking ages to release new games, Welcome to a console launch year it happens every time!!!

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Wow another silly little thread,

You wouldn't batter an eye lid if it came out as a game of the year edition, so what is the problem with a remastered game on PS4 at a reduced price i might add, you can get the game in the UK for £28.

you may not realize this but alot of Xbox gamers did make the move over to PS4, it's only right that these gamers get to experience the game what taken the most rewards and game of year trophies than most other games ever.

A cash grab or not from ND, means a whole lot of new people get to experience the whole game plus DLC, just like anyone would if they released a game of the year edition, get off your high horse, if you don't want it, don't get it, and yes it is different from the PS3 version, it's already been stated by nurmous websites who have had a preview of it, 60fps works, and 1080p makes look amazing. the game was great then, add these 2 factors in and you've got a great game.

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and yet they can programme a hell of a lot better than you TC. I mean 60fps is great but 30fps for a third person cinematic game is completely satisfactory, trying to hard calling ND noobs when they made a game with over 200 awards, yea keep jogging on. even PC gamers respect what ND with the hardware of home consoles. plus they make some of the most enjoyable games i've ever played

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@jcrame10: expensive you can buy it on amazon for $19.99, or in the UK I can get it for £5 :S

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@Articuno76: Ok well on my chair at work playing my ps4 I hold my controller on top of my legs, I wouldn't say it's facing down more straight forward like you'd put it on a desk say,

At home I have a 60in display, and that to i curl up on the sofa with my hands hold the controller more or less resting on my legs or just above the same way i can be on the computer typing this message without once having to look or see the keyboard in view, even holding it up, why would anyone even notice the light going different colours when your concentrating whats happening on screen, I know about the light bar reflecting off the tv, but most of the time this is due to being in a small bedroom and being level with the tv, or when your sat in a pitch black room which any light would reflect off the tv, but luckily for me my tv is at an angle or i sit on angle so my controller alot of the time isn't facing the tv, unless i turn my chair around, can you honestly tell me is there much point to the light bar for the reason's they give, like it flashes and changes colour when your dying, who cares because on screen you know your at that point, you dont need a light to tell you that.

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@Articuno76: how the .... do you hold the controller :S the light bar and fingers and triggers are facing away from me, I have no need to look down at my controller, I'm not a kid and play in my small bedroom that i'm that close that the light bar reflects off a tv, I sit a good distance away that the light bar doesn't even effect the tv, I hold my controller pretty much on my knee with it facing down, I don't hold my controller up, which would be the only way you could see it, but i will give it a go and see if i can see it light up on my fingers and yet i'm guessing that only works in a darkened room

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How many games???