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There both good consoles but the fact that the PS3 even with it's weaker third party games and high price tag for a good while, still managed to come back and have more sales than the Xbox 360.

In my Eyes Sony is a well known company in the console business, Someone a lot of people trust, and After E3 Microsoft went really down hill, I know they turned it around which is great but the damage was done when they told everyone it's our way or no way, even to the point in saying if you don't have an internet connection then you may as well stay with a 360,

I think the Xbox One will do Ok but honestly I think Sony played it well and it's paid off, the big thing with sony is, they've been pretty straight talking and the Console does what it says it does and a little more, clean interface, could do with a little more customizing, I don't see Sony slowing down, I think in the End they will be on par sales wise, but I'm not sure they'll catch up with them, with the big lead they have now,

Me for example I bought a PS4 because it was streamlined small and packed a punch. I'll buy an Xbox One but the price just doesn't match the huge box and the outdated tech inside the machine, I mean if Sony are making a profit and have better tech inside, then why does the X1 have old tech and is huge and cost a bomb, It isn't good value for the money,

Both Systems should of packed more of a punch tho, but I think I was expecting to much from them for so little money, shame most can't reach 60fps

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I think your best spending your money on a better TV, do research even type in google top 10 tvs under what ever price, it will give you a good idea of whats good and what's not, it's better to have a great TV to appreciate the graphics of the PS4, I was one of them went with the hype and bought a huge TV but the colours aren't amazing, nor is the refresh rate, great for blu rays but games are ok but not nearly as good as if i bought I better TV.

PS4 comes with a
HDMI Cable
Controller and Charging Wire (which you can charge your controller up whilst in standby mode)

Good luck

PS - Honestly cannot stress on doing some research on Tv's and looking round for great prices, your'll be amazed in picture quality from 1 to the other

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The Good: Powerful machine for the money, streamlined to perfection for the Tech what's inside, Graphics are great and serves up well for being the most powerful console to date, The UI is fast and easy to use, Just a great companion for any console gamer or PC gamer.

The Bad: UI really needs an organization option or something, my games list is getting to big and I don't like deleting but it needs sorting out, we need to be able to customize the setup, the Ustream and Twitch watching is great but my god the streaming at times can be an awful picture and I believe it needs some updating, Checking out what friends are doing and what there playing is good, but it would be nice if we could post on that so everyone can see, and it becomes more of a social site than just a so n so played destiny 2 times and stuff like that,

I would say games but I've lived through enough console launches to understand it takes time, esp how complex games are getting.

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I've destroyed the rubber on both my controllers, and it's just the left side down a bit if a circle had a corner that bit, I don't even play it that often and man there bad, It must be just the batch what got sent out at launch, I mean this never happened on the PS3/2/1 and I played games alot more then than i do now, I'm thinking of just buying some X1 sticks and replacing them, I've seen video's and it doesn't look that hard to do.

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Me getting older and having a family my views have changed, I'm actually considering buying a new PS4 in White just because I have just decorated My backroom/Kitchen Dinner, which is now nice light wood floors and tops and everything else is White, So a White PS4 would absolutely be Perfect for that room, and I even showed the mrs and she agreed, she even thought I was planning on getting it at christmas lol, Crazy, If i had the money I'd get one right now. so much less hassal as well then my little girl won't be screaming at me to put frozen on my main tv lol hmmmmm may buy her the PS4 lol hahahahaha always ways round things lol

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I'd Really Love a Shelf like that, I may just make one instead, save me money but yea I agree that's a great shelf

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@mdk12345: Very true but WatchDogs for me on here is a well known fact that I hated it, but I have actually given it a decent go and it isn't that bad, I mean graphics wise esp in the daylight is pretty awful but night time is great, it's an ok game, the story and the main character are bland, but the rest is good.

Yea NBA 2K15 is going to be amazing, I am not into Basketball but god dam I got the game just to see if it was good at launch and honestly it absolutely batters every single game on the console.

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You don't need to be tech Savvy to change it, it's as simple as slipping a cover off and unscrewing the old one sticking the new one in and there you go, you do have to put the software off of sonys website but it's as simple as sticking it on a usb stick and your done, 1tb doesn't even seem enough if you consider games going to be around 40-50gb, I'm thinking of getting the 2tb one just to be on the safe side.

seriously tho I'm expecting there to be one to come out for Christmas

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Well for 1 manuals have been going away since the PS3 and 360 both PS4/X1 don't do manuals, but who needs them really, they haven't been worth collection since the PS2 days anyway. Not sure why your saying it hasn't got a soul :S it's probably the most social and engaging console I've ever owned, watch people play see what your friends are playing or have been playing, Demo's are in the Demo's section, and this is not down to PSN, I hate when people say this, It's down to the developers if they want to make a Demo or not. PSN lacks spirit :S it has films games everything you need :S your judging PSN and the PS4 on stuff what is out of there control.

Infamous looks alright but if you want a game to blow you away graphically, then NBA 2K15 is the game which will do it, i honestly cannot believe that those graphics exist in a game so life like, honestly cannot wait for there WWE game.

KNACK is good, a little on the simple side but it's a nice break considering we don't get much platformers like this on any console bar nintendo's.

I understand about the whole buying digital, I am the same I can't trust that if i buy something digital that it will be there in 10/15 years and I don't want that.

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@ewalthour: I tend to agree with you on the whole we see to much of stuff over and over again, I mean I've seen the desert so many times now, it's just painful to keep watching when you know it's know where near coming out, online i'm not to fussed with I think that part of the game will be a side line thing, my guess is your base won't be attacked unless your in the game itself, i don't know, but it is like with The Order were seeing the same old same old gameplay footage since last year were getting no new information just the same old footage or gameplay element, and the problem is the build is that bad that people are going off the game, which is such the wrong thing for them.