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Yep I leave my disc's in there all the time, I think I've had my UFC game in there since it came out lol, It's only sitting on a disc tray like it would in a cd player or something like that, the only difference is the fact of how it gets into the disc tray, i wouldn't worry,

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Uncharted is about the story, and get over the whole mass murder, :S every single game your mostly killing something for nothing, the Uncharted series is all about the story, stick with it and it's so worth it, but if you don't like the killing then go play cards or something, it doesnt say anywhere about this being a treasuring hunting game but the fact is there on the island to find treasure and so are the rebels, and i actually found the shooting elements pretty fun no matter how generic you think it is, no one ever goes on about this back in the day when that's what most games was, just shoot things, gears of war is pretty much kill everything on screen and thats it, at least Uncharted has some platformer gameplay. what makes Uncharted amazing is the character development and chemistry on screen, play it for the story and your'll get amazing emotional responses esp once you get to the end, i'd keep playing it's so worth it, and then play 2 then come back to us and tell me it wasn't worth it.

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I find AC games incredible boring and repetitive but I did enjoy Black Flags because it was different.

Shame Unity looks like the same old, and it may just be me, but Rogue looks a hell of a lot more interesting than this rubbish unity we are getting for X1/PS4

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yet again a build which doesn't even work,

where is the keyboard and mouse which is needed and a controller.

you haven't added in the price for windows

Overclocking???? yea because a noob is able to overclock safely and with that build you wouldn't want to overclock, it be way to unstable.

I'm not stating a PS4 is anywhere near as good as playing gaming on a top end gaming rig, but what you get for 400 is worth more than that, 8gb of ddr 3 ram, it runs 8gb of gddr5 ram to start with.

a PS4 is well worth 400, you get a fast gaming machine, a blu ray player which is capable of 4K blu rays, it does come with a hdmi lead, it comes with a pretty decent controller, it has a pretty good UI and most games are made for consoles first, PC's second, all for 400 you can't beat it, plug in and play.

honestly some people in the master race are really degrading what master race stand for, alot of respect is being lost due to these people

PC's are always going to be better over consoles for graphics, but you gotta spend big to get the best.

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Playstation 4 and Xbox One has the ability to play 4K Blu Rays, it's gonna happen it's only a matter of a firmware up date, Movies just play through it unlike games which need processing power.

Anyway 4K is amazing I've seen them, I do not have one tho, What you need to look for, is one's with great upscalers


I know it's a english website, but the tv's are the best in the world at the moment, upscaling is key for buying into 4K at this moment in time. and I tell you now if you get the right upscaler 1080p to 4K is absolutely out of this world. good luck and let me know.

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Yep the only people who say it's just a movie is Xbox fanboys who are jealous that they have no developer in the same league as naughty dog and have to rely on heavy shooters and over the top action to get by, The Last Of Us for me is the game which defines the last generation and what gaming has become, a place for hollywood story telling and gameplay to match.

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@ewalthour: Totally agree, as soon as i heard RE1 was being remastered, I just thought money grab, no actual creativeness went into it, if there going to re do it, then reboot the series, make it even more scary in the mansion, make the controls as free as possible like the newest games, just don't slap a 1080p coat of paint over it, i've been there done that, i've moved on, I don't want it, I won't be buying into it, what needs to happen is what i said and then make Resi 2 more open, i want a 21st century resi not just a coat of paint.

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@MethodManFTW: I'm not saying it's wrong to have all digital for your reasoning is a very valid reason, but same time, a lot are still talking about old consoles now like the amiga and the nes and the snes it's big business still and it's near 20years, there is no way in my mind that when it comes up to 20 years your digital collection or anyone's will be playable, unless it's the same system there all installed on, so in the end it's all been dead money and won't even get the opportunity to either sell them as vintage games or just to go back and play them.

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As an owner of a next gen platform I am tired of cross gen development. ...hated it in gen 7, despise it in gen 8

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Not what I wanted and would of loved just the reboot to be honest, will not be downloading, was a great game of it's time but it's time to leave it where it belongs in the past and move on with a reboot of it.