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The problem is as much as we can go on and on about how mega PCs can get and how hardcore the graphics can be, still doesn't have an affect on the developers making it at a better standard than the Console versions, once I build my most expensive gaming PC i'll ever build, which should support 4K gaming by the end of next year, Will Fifa be any better on PC than PS4/X1 and the answer is, probably not, they'll be the same game, not worth it.

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What Exclusives the last one to come out was Titanfall and even that was on PC, plus GardenWarfare was an exclusive but that is coming to PS4, Non of them have any decent Exclusives, nor have they got much coming out. a redone halo collection and that's it for this year it seem's, Sony has TLOU and LBP3, pretty dire for the both of them to be fair, plus non of the better exclusives it all comes down to what you like, Sony offers alot more Variety to be fair but again if you love the genre's MS heavily pay into then that's your choice. we'll see more at gamescom i believe.

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@whipassmt: I get your point and I understand for some DVD is still Relevant but considering I've had a Blu Ray player for 7years and HDTV's have been pretty much the standard way to watch programs for the majority, and as it stands now you can buy a blu ray player for around 100 if not less, depending on what currency and where your from, as i'm from the UK I got a cheap blu ray player for £60 so there pretty common practice for most now, So I just don't understand why not make a Blu Ray Release, I mean I just won't touch DVDs anymore due to watching most things in HD nowa days.

I still remember when everything changed from VHS to DVD, it pretty much happened over night in my eyes.

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@juboner: I've just found monitors to be a bit more quicker and more dynamic than what TV's can do unless you buy higher quality which will cost more,

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@GTR12: Like someone else said the ones you listed were of a completely different type of racing game, MotorStorm was a Unique Arcade racer I honestly don't see any game which was even competing for the same space, that's what i'm really getting at, DriveClub is to similar to alot of racers out there, it's competing for space which is quite over crowded, it may have a unique social aspect but the game still seems the same as NFS, The Crew, Forza, even Gran Turismo in a way. I just don't see there logic moving away from a genre which was all theirs and it could of shined even brighter being different.

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Honestly do not know the logic behind DriveClub. I mean seriously did they all sit down and go we want to make a racing game which is pretty much a standard racer like the rest of them?? MotorStorm was in a league of it's own there was no competition the graphics and courses were amazing, it was a great arcade racer which no one has copied or tried to do, they went from creative vibrant arcade racing to a real life arcade/simulation bog standard everybody is doing it racer, nobody asked for a DriveClub game. I honestly think it was a bad call, a really bad call.

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Completely agree XboxOne has over 50+ Apps, PS4 has about 6 if that, We've had 2 major updates which only cater for a small number of people, I'm yet to see an update which actually solves some of my issues or even some of the stuff they actually announced at the reveal, Sony are lagging behind compared to the aggresive nature of Xbox1, but o well it's the games i'm after and we all waiting for them, no matter what console you have.

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I hate first person anyway so glad it's third person, but yea i'm not really interested, I mean seriously what are they trying to big up, a Free2Play game honestly, it ain't going to be any good, it's free2play nothing ever comes out of that genre to be fair, i have my pc for them sorts of games not consoles.

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isn't DVD obsolete now, I honestly won't buy it unless it comes out on Blu Ray, I'm passed DVDs now,

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I'm from the UK, but in the passed I was a mean Football/Soccer player, messed around as a kid and was pretty good, played for a couple of teams in my late teens, also played alot of Cricket which is boring as hell at times, but what other sport do you sit down half way through and have food and drinks lol, also had a couple of years of boxing never thought but I trained hard, now I went through a rough patch of drink and drugs, come out the other side to not drinking or doing anything my only guilty pleasure is a cigarette one a day if that, trying to get back into shape but god dam once you've got into lazy mode I can honestly tell you it's so hard to get motivated again, I've never had this problem but now i do, honestly feel like i'm passed it and will never be fit again even tho i'm only 26, silly mind set i know but that's what being out of shape does for you.