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The fact is a game is more engrossing and more beneficial than sitting down and watching Tv.

It gives you great attention skills, hand eye coordination, a better way of giving you knowledge.

But at the same time it's as wasteful playing a game for 5 hours as it is sitting down and watching TV, the problem people have esp the older generation or even some our own age who have been brought up watching TV, is they still have this stigma attatched to games, that games are for kids, even tho us as gamers know that most games now esp on PS4/X1 are very mature and very indepth stories, and can take alot of skill. it's just a mind set people have, and in time that will go, the more people turn to gaming, for me I'd rather my kids grow up playing games than sat there watching TV, it's more educational in my opinion,

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I'll say it will be with the PS4 6 months after it's release on X1, end of the day I believe Microsoft realized it had nothing to go up against Uncharted 4, and quickly jumped on Tomb Raider due them having nothing for release, gears is looking more like the end of 2016, Quantum Break may come out may not come out you never know with them, so really all they have this year from there exclusives is halo 5 and fable, so my guess is, it releases against Uncharted and then 6 months later they release the PS4 version

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You know I totally see where these women are coming and there is no harm in saying what they say, but do they miss out all the bits in the game where i'm going around killing loads of men, picking up a hooker and then killing her, is nothing, esp when you can work down the street and kill 10 men and rob them :S it's all the same, end of the day the female species is a lovely sight, and men are attracted to them for there physical attraction, so no wonder there is a lot of this in gaming as it's a very male dominated industry for right now, but they completely miss all the games which women are more than just objects and in some are the main characters, picking out a couple is useless when there are 1000s of games.

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I stopped watching the first video when he said he trained on doom to do so hahahaha I mean seriously come on, we play video games to escape reality, if you can't tell the difference or it influences you to do crime then you need medical help.

The funny thing is, no one ever brings up movies as a motivation to act out these crimes, considering there real life images, which I would go out in saying that, there more to blame than video games, I mean take hostel a film basically just portraying brutal torture, and yet this just goes by as o it's just a film, yet video games have this bad rap even tho, you can tell from the off set it's not real. it honestly blows my mind that people to this day are still protesting against video games, probably because they have nothing better to do.

If someone goes out and shoots loads of people, just because the guy played call of duty, doesn't mean he decided he would do this just over that game or even trained on it, how anyone can train to shoot a gun or reload a gun frew a game which doesn't even show you how it's done is mindnumbing,

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Not going to get into all this mumbo jumbo it runs pretty good on PS4 what ever the frame rate.

but to call out DF like there not right is pretty bad, DF run the game through a lot of programs to get the frame rate and it's hard facts not just there say so why you wouldnt trust what they say is beyond me.

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How anyone can say the PS4 doesn't have any games is beyond me, We've had the most launched games ever, a great diverse amount of games ever in the first year, I mean was you even around when the PS3 or 360 came out, We got a slimmed down version of Fifa where it was basically Vs and that was it, this time around we got a fully fledged entry, and we managed to get some of the best games of the end of last gen with updated visuals to play, which some of us missed knowing the PS4 was coming.

Anyone who says there hasn't been any games or that it's not impressed them have just been spoiled by the length of last gen, this is the real world, this is how it's always been, the first year is slower than the rest and it'll start to build up like anything, there has to be a starting point.

the PS3 when it was first released is a shell compared to the software that machine has now.

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I feel the ps4 is absolute masterpiece of art how they got it that small Withyham much tech is beyond me, feels very finished to me, not a bad redesign but you've basically used the ps2 slim, but good effort

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Good track racer, puts your skills to the test as you can't tweak your cars, people may think this is a bad thing but it puts everyone on a level playing field. the weather is amazing and night racers are mindblowing visually, things have improved alot since launch and it's a solid racer.

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Getting it Day One, there a solid development team, with a decent enough track record on Vita, the game looks absolutely stunning, and you know had enough of all these outdated looking open world games with not much to do in them except go to point a travel to point b just to move the story along, I'm happy that a decent looking, hopefully good story, linear game, I think really thats the one thing putting alot of people off that it's a linear game, just like how FPS games ruled last gen, it's looking like open world games are becoming the norm and anything else isn't good if it's not open.

Cannot wait, people moaning about QTE even COD has alot of it in there single player game and that is pretty linear considering your always trying to get to point b frew waves of enemies.

Agreed, even though it's linear, if the story and gameplay are solid, I can live with that! Open world games are great, but they can also get repetitious. So both have their pros and cons, people need to stop getting caught up in trends and just enjoy a GOOD game....whether it's open world or linear.

Exactly so many developers are pushing open world way to much, it doesn't need to be open world to be good, a good story solid gameplay is better than an open world 1000 side missions with meh story.

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Amiga 500 Controller, was amazing lol