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Everything, so far, this console generation has been decent to subpar. Just my two cents.

  • Paying money for a feature previous consoles could use for free. (Online)

This was bound to happen, keeping servers running and having there own stores and UI's they needed to start charging I wish they didn't but they had to

  • $50 and $60 remasters of fairly recent games that came out last generation.

You say that and yet we've had The Last Of Us, Tomb Raider, GTA5 and that's it for now 3 isn't bad, and the fact TLOU was an exclusive and alot of xbox owners jumped ship to PS4 it seems right, plus you wouldn't grumble on a game of the year edition and it's the same thing, all 3 games would of had a game of the year edition anyway, so why not, it doesn't hurt anything, it hasn't effected game development from other games because a small team worked on them, not the whole team.

  • Having to install every game you get, including games on DISC.

:S really confused, this has been happening since the PS3/360 days, It's not a new thing.

  • Some big games, (Like Titanfal, PVZ Garden Warfare and Destiny), are online only. (If your internet goes out, your screwed)

:S I don't understand your problem, I mean does anyone play call of duty for it's single player game???? no it's multiplayer and all the ones you listed are multiplayer games at there best, of course your screwed if your internet goes out, but so are many other games on PC, it's a thing, but I mean how many times does your internet go out, if your planning on playing these games, people know what there internet is like nowadays and will respond accordingly.

  • Most big games have turned out to be underwhelming. (With a few exceptions) (Opinion)

I'd disagree, I think the hype was to high for the big games and people was expecting to much in the first year, do you even remember the PS3 launch, god that was a hard sluggish first year.

  • Consoles can't play/stream your media with an internet connection. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

Not sure what your talking about, but I mean the fact that people if they want to stream media, they more than likely have a device to do it anyway.

I think it's been a great start. We have had the most games I've ever known in the first year, we've had more exclusives than any other time this first year, graphics wise depends on the company, and I know there not a huge step up but what was anyone expecting for the price tag. Saying that, it's still great, games run a hell of a lot smoother, the UI's are so much neater and run alot faster, it is a little strange that both companies are only dipping one foot into the water, but that will soon change as soon as we leave the PS3/360 to there own now and move on then we'll start seeing better looking games, but as of right now I'm really enjoying the games what are out and are coming out and cannot wait.

I'd also like the say that the Wii U, to me, only console that has a major difference over the previous console. And it's the only console that's gameplay is still new and different feeling. (Touch screen controls, Off Screen Play, 5-player local multiplayer, TV remote functions, etc, etc)

That's a cop out right there, Wii U is only a major difference because it's gone from standard def on the Wii to HD on the Wii U, the Wii U is still way to out dated and was a complete waste of time, what they should of done is compete with the big boys like they said at the launch of the Wii U, but instead they've gone back into hiding, and it's took this long to even get decent games out, you talk like the Wii U is amazing, when it took over a year to see any games and even now, we have no sight on a Zelda until end of next year, no clue on what Mario is up to in a new Galaxy game or something with that imagination, I mean we got another mario kart whoop, and smash bros and that's it for this year, bayonetta 2 which is only a small minority who actually care enough to go and buy a Wii U console for it.

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Wow your making a lot of threads when it seems you have no idea about hardware or anything it seem's.

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For the people who are playing the game.

Do you believe that the disappointment comes more from the game being so hyped up that you was just expecting better, or the fact the game is actually as bad as people say, I mean I know this game was hyped right from the off, but people are enjoying the game if it wasn't as hyped then you possible could of had a different view????

The one thing whats put me off is the fact it's all just cut scenes from planet to planet it would been nice if they made say a galaxy where you could just roam world to world with your own space ship, example a more no man sky or star citizen type of roaming, instead of doing a mission going to a cut scene choosing a planet and a mission and then watch ya space ship fly off????

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The problem with Nintendo is there behind, the bosses and everyone are stuck in the 90s, The fact that the Wii U even exists in the first place shows, they are stuck in time, when they first revealed the Wii U, all they talked about was bringing back the third party support, saying it was going to be powerful, 1st party games and third party.

but the problem is there stuck that far back in time, they decided to release a console with a silly game pad right at the end of the gen, which made it worse because both Sony and MS were already figuring out how to use a second screen counter part with any phone or tablet, so as soon as the Wii U was out it was at a disadvantage and had no true gimmick to help it sell.

What should of happened was for Nintendo to wait and hold out and see what the other 2 was doing, go the same route make it better and on par, and I'm not kidding but I honestly believe alot of us older gamers who have kids, would of jumped at the chance to have a Nintendo Console with all the great colourful games for the kids and the big powerful games for us adults. It would of sold millions, for me personally, I'd of got that console over any of the others any day first and then an Xbox1 or PS4 second just for the exclusives,

Nintendo basically turned up to the party to early, and to late for that gen, there caught between gens in my eyes.

Nintendo should of either gone all out on a beast of a console to compete with the new big boys, or stuck with what they new and made a better 1:1 motion controlled gaming system, me personally would of loved a console which was motion controlled and on par with the Kinect sensors and the PSmove, that would of sold to the masses.

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I think your wrong, I think it's easy to look back at great games and say, yes they were great games without great graphics because graphics have matured and become better over time, you have to remember these great games at the time, were considered great graphically to and not just about the game itself, I think we deserve good graphics now, I think gameplay has pretty much been made solid on a controller with most companies, and it's the graphics what need to get better, was the same with the snes and the mega drive, them games at the time were classed as amazing graphics, gamers have always loved good graphics even back then.

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@ewalthour: I actually just could not get into the walking dead games, I'm not a fan of them graphics and I think it just me, but the voice acting is so choppy and it just didn't flow, and I just felt like it wasn't a game for me, I'm lucking forward to there try at a game of thrones game.

I haven't played pure pool, I'll add you anyway, I may get it, just to beat you hahahaha joking.

When does Sherlock Holmes come out???

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@SolidTy: Still Disagree, do you hold a controller like your picture? No, you do not. You hold a controller naturally with your thumbs in the middle of the controller. I believe that Sony Controller to be much better than the Xbox controller, but the thumb layout I disagree with. I also agree that today's controllers are better than the past.... I can't say much about the wii U, and its controller since they have been irrelevant to me since the Wii. Nintendo moved away from the original nintendo fans, and non passive gamers also, so by changing their controller to a symmetrical doesn't mean that it was prefered by people just prefered by nintendo. They also went for a older SNES look which would not allow the thumbsticks to be like 360. The GC controller I thought was almost perfect. When you hold a controller it is not open palms... You grasp it, leaving your thumbs where? Away from your Sony joysticks. Causing you to reach and hold the controller in weird positions like the picture I added. Which looks more natural to you? symmetrical VS Natural I choose natural.

I'm not sure I understand, if you put your hands infront of you naturally your thumbs are point upwards, so naturally having the thumb stick in the position of how the 360 controller is, then thats a more natural way, unlike using a DS3/4 you have to pull your thumbs down already to the analog sitcks already putting pressure on your thumbs and giving you a less stable hold, making it that much more difficult to be precise, I'm not saying it's over pressure because i'm using a DS4 all the time, and I don't mind it, I feel as tho a 360 analog is more suited to a natural grip without added pressure, not saying i'm a huge fan of the controller itself but i love the analog placement, I can be so much more precise in games due to having a bit more of a freedom with my thumb

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Well it's 2 different racing styles, The Crew is an open world racing game, and DriveClub is a point A to point B racer,

DriveClub looks amazing and the graphics are gonna be massively better than The Crew but I think The Crew will be more fun, I'm gonna get both tho. not sure we can actually put them against each other.

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Yea the game is free to play solo, but multiplayer your gonna have to buy a ps+ membership

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I'm not really a huge fan of FPS games, but from I'm hearing this is true, the most fun to be had is once the main objectives have been done with, I think the problem with Destiny is the hype, it was to big.