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  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass.
    User Rating 7
    A lot of very repectitive bada$$ action

    I tried this game because it came free on Game pass. The game has a lot of good things, it is funny, it is fun, but it is crazy repetitive and long.This kind of game should be top 6 hours, but it is l...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Call of Duty: Vanguard.
    User Rating 9
    Another great installment

    I like the COD campaigns, most of the players only go through multiplayer. However, COD developers invest a lot of time and energy to make a great story to follow.This time the game is about a Nazi er...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Deathloop (Mexico).
    User Rating 9
    Great game, interesting story and characters

    At first, it took me some time to get used to the game, it is not linear, even though it is not difficult, it takes time to understand what it is all about.Colt is a nice character, well-developed on...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Episode INTERmission.
    User Rating 10
    One of the best game I've played

    This is one of the first Final Fantasy story I played. I always heard about the fuss of this game, being one of the best RPG of history. I think it is right, I really liked the story, the pace, the mu...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.
    User Rating 10
    Great Game with good balance, gameplay and story.

    This installment is very similar to the previous one, which is a good thing. I liked more this story. What I like the most about this game it is you never get bored, there are a lot of repetitive thin...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Halo Infinite.
    User Rating 10
    Back to its root - One of the best Halo (still room for improvement)

    This game has a lot of improvement compared to its predecessor, such as:+ Open world, I really like the idea of exploring around.+ Upgrades, it is very well done how you can upgrade yourself through ...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Mexico).
    User Rating 9
    This a COD game with good story

    COD is getting better and better, but installments every years make the progress look as not as big step from previous one. However, progress is there.I really like the story. There are some decision...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Myst.
    User Rating 8
    Another old-timer game

    I remember that I played this game for first time, like 25 years ago. I could not beat the game that time, given that the puzzles have some challenges.Yesterday, I beat this game in 4 hours. The same ...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Full Throttle Remastered.
    User Rating 8
    Remembered all times

    This was a great game back in its day. I glad I played this game again after more than 20 years.The history is very straightforward, easy to follow and very nice.This remastered version is very well. ...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Last Stop.
    User Rating 7
    Good game for a weekend in lockdown - Interesting story

    I glad I decided to give this game a try. After beating AC Valhalla (155 hours) I wanted to play a short game for a Saturday in lock down.This game is story driven, it has a decent story you go throug...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.
    User Rating 8
    Best AC today, but with a lot of bugs

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been one of the best installment so far (maybe in top three), I started the game when the PS5 patch was just released so I could take advantage of the PS5 capabilities on...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of The Last of Us Part II.
    User Rating 10
    Dark, slow and sublime

    This game is some of those rare gems that we can find from time to time. Even the slow of this game, I enjoyed every minute, and when it finished I wanted more. This game has had a lot bad critics, I ...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Control: Ultimate Edition.
    User Rating 10
    Control is unique game, very interesting

    Control is a good game, it has a lot to offer to keep you entertained. The gameplay makes you to progress overtime (I mean, there are a lot to learn, to control, and to master). There are mission to g...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Unravel Two.
    User Rating 10
    Improvement over the previous installment.

    Unravel one was great, a very unique game (well developed and original on this way). Unravel two is even better. I played this game with my 7-years old daughter, and we both enjoyed it so much. The v...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of The Medium.
    User Rating 10
    One of the best game out there for a weekend in lockdown

    This game was included in GamePass at launch, so I decided to give it a try given all the fuss around. Well, I could say that this game is not for everyone. It starts slow and builds up slowly to a gr...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Maneater.
    User Rating 7
    Repetitive but fun game

    The game is very simple and straight forward. You are a shark that needs to evolve eating a lot, causing a lot of horror while chasing / eating all the hunters on your way. We could say that it is e...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Astro's Playroom.
    User Rating 10
    Great game pre-installed in PS5

    Playstation nailed with this game. It is the perfect intro to PS5 period controller potential. It is not about visual, it is about how the controller immerse you in the game. The game is short, sligh...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of DOOM Eternal.
    User Rating 8
    Well developed game but with repetitive challeging approach

    Just beat this game. I could say that it took me like 20 hours or so. I started it in Normal difficulty but before finishing the first mission I had to lower the difficulty to the easiest of all and ...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Prey.
    User Rating 8
    Sci-Fi horror game - Nice adventure.

    This game has a slow start, you are in a space station and you are trying to figure it out what it is happening and how to solve it. While you progress in the game you get stuck and you do not want to...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Days Gone.
    User Rating 9
    Long game with good storytelling (very repetitive)

    Just beat this game. I enjoyed every minute of this game despite the repetitiveness.Pros:+ Great visuals. The environments are very well designed. Good views.+ Huge open world with diversity of enviro...