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  • enzo2606 wrote a review of The Last of Us Part II.
    User Rating 10
    Dark, slow and sublime

    This game is some of those rare gems that we can find from time to time. Even the slow of this game, I enjoyed every minute, and when it finished I wanted more. This game has had a lot bad critics, I ...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Control: Ultimate Edition.
    User Rating 10
    Control is unique game, very interesting

    Control is a good game, it has a lot to offer to keep you entertained. The gameplay makes you to progress overtime (I mean, there are a lot to learn, to control, and to master). There are mission to g...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Unravel Two.
    User Rating 10
    Improvement over the previous installment.

    Unravel one was great, a very unique game (well developed and original on this way). Unravel two is even better. I played this game with my 7-years old daughter, and we both enjoyed it so much. The v...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of The Medium.
    User Rating 10
    One of the best game out there for a weekend in lockdown

    This game was included in GamePass at launch, so I decided to give it a try given all the fuss around. Well, I could say that this game is not for everyone. It starts slow and builds up slowly to a gr...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Maneater.
    User Rating 7
    Repetitive but fun game

    The game is very simple and straight forward. You are a shark that needs to evolve eating a lot, causing a lot of horror while chasing / eating all the hunters on your way. We could say that it is e...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Astro's Playroom.
    User Rating 10
    Great game pre-installed in PS5

    Playstation nailed with this game. It is the perfect intro to PS5 period controller potential. It is not about visual, it is about how the controller immerse you in the game. The game is short, sligh...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of DOOM Eternal.
    User Rating 8
    Well developed game but with repetitive challeging approach

    Just beat this game. I could say that it took me like 20 hours or so. I started it in Normal difficulty but before finishing the first mission I had to lower the difficulty to the easiest of all and ...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Prey.
    User Rating 8
    Sci-Fi horror game - Nice adventure.

    This game has a slow start, you are in a space station and you are trying to figure it out what it is happening and how to solve it. While you progress in the game you get stuck and you do not want to...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Days Gone.
    User Rating 9
    Long game with good storytelling (very repetitive)

    Just beat this game. I enjoyed every minute of this game despite the repetitiveness.Pros:+ Great visuals. The environments are very well designed. Good views.+ Huge open world with diversity of enviro...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of NUBLA 2.
    User Rating 6
    Interesting game - spent good time with my daughter but the game is boring

    I tried this game because I wanted something short to beat. Based on review it may take no longer than 3 hours and it has an easy Platinum trophy to gain (there are just 3 trophies that can be missed...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Halo Wars 2.
    User Rating 8
    Strategic type of Game to be played from time to time

    I like the Halo universe, so I play everything that has it name on it. I almost forget what the first installment was about, however, this one looks really good in term of adding an expanded story to...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Smart as....
    User Rating 8
    Game to keep the brain in good shape

    I first played this game back in 2013 in my VITA. It is very addictive, and it pretty good to keep the brain in good shape. Now, in 2020, I am still playing it.This game has several type of "training...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Knack 2.
    User Rating 8
    Better than the first one

    This game was the second game that was beaten by my daughter, the first Knack was the first game she beat. This game is really well done. It has its challenges but never gets frustrating at all, even...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Knack.
    User Rating 7
    My 5 years old daughter love this game

    This game was very well developed in order to make it enjoyable for kids and adults alike.This was the first official game that was played by my 5 year-old daughter in PS4, several months ago.The Chal...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Observation.
    User Rating 7
    Good game to be beat in a day - it is just about the story - HAL 9000

    This game was part of the game pass offering, so I decided to give it a try. I checked and the game can be beat in 6 hours. Just what I needed after months playing slightly long games.Despite the pre...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Devil May Cry 5.
    User Rating 8
    Well developed game with good cinematic and characters

    At first this game didn't make me to become addicted however, after several months I decided to give it a try and this time it makes me played it to the end in few days. I tried the easiest of the di...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of ReCore: Definitive Edition.
    User Rating 7
    Challenging and long platform game

    This game could have been great, but it was incredibly challenging considering the kind of game it is.The game is good but, it is very long and frustrating by time to time.The story is OK, it is the g...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Call of Duty: WWII (Digital Deluxe Edition).
    User Rating 9
    As expected for a COD Game

    This game was given free fro Playstation in June. I downloaded as soon as I saw it in the Web Page (it was not seen in the story in the PS4, but in the actual web page where I requested to download i...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of RAGE 2.
    User Rating 8
    Nice game with unsual colours and very repetitives

    This game has a great potential. It starts slightly slow. But it builds through the game. The main story is very straight forward. There are only few main objectives, however, to unlock some main mis...

  • enzo2606 wrote a review of Mafia III (Deluxe Edition).
    User Rating 8
    GTA style game

    I beat this game in mid April and I forgot to write the review.This game is a very well developed one with very good story and engaging characters. It only has lack of originality given that there ar...