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This is easy bro. Bad Company is a pretty solid game but it is incredibly shallow. Mass Effect you will play through repeatedly over and over. Bad Company is like an open map version of call of duty. You can attack the bad guys from any angle you want. On each stage there are new weapons to pick up and try. You can use whatever vehicles are laying around. The environment is heavily destructable. Once its over though you wont really play it anymore. I dont know if or what its online modes are like.

Mass Effect is beautiful and has great combat(if you play on harder difficulty levels).
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Beyond Good and Evil to me was just a crappy 3d platformer. Xenosaga 1 is a great freaking rpg. Unfortunately Xenosaga 2 sucks horrably. And I havent finished 2 to play 3 so I dont know about it. So if you had hopes of playing through the entire trilogy give that up.
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It makes you less of a gamer by thinking doing any of that stuff makes you more or less hardcore than anyone else.
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Hey thats a better question!!! This should be a new post. What are your personal franchise killers. For you personally what game series replaced what??

NFS:Underground+ killed Gran Tourismo games for me. Saint's Row killed GTA. Hmmm... Can't think of alot of others.
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I think the 360 gets enough good games to make it extremely viable to wait until the end of this generation and then pick up the ps3 dirt cheap. The only problem with that is the Rental stores will have lost/sold alot of the earlier titles. So catching up on the games will be hard especially if you dont have alot of money to buy games.

I had a ps1-2. There are titles I miss. Xbox had th best specs/price ratio and so thats what I baught. I have found lots of cool new games and experience all the multiplat ones. It would be fun if I knew where there was a list of each consoles exclusive and have an exclusivity war.
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Oh you dont look for random battles. They look for you... about every 2-3 steps lol. Yeah I understand why people would hate that but it just has never bothered me. I enjoy the attack animations and the victory music and stuff. Going without grind is tricky business, the game better have a great new game+ feature so you will enjoy going through the game repeatedly. Usually those types of games let you make decisions throughout the game giving you chances to make different choices your next time through(kotor, mass effect). I love Kotor and Mass Effect but man those games pissed me off when they dont let you go back to an area and get into more fights. Once you go through an area its cleared and stays that way until your next playthrough. I really want to be able to choose to move on to a ne game or just stick around and enjoy the current one for as long as I feel like it and enjoy the hell out of the combat.

Well is any of this helping?? Got a list of rpg's you wanan try yet??? lol.
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I think the only thing that could make players jump ship is a better version of the same game. A game of the same genre made by a different company is just going to have to many differences to make EVERYONE jump ship. Halo vs Gears, GTA vs Saint's Row. Same genre but they all have unique looks and stories, and even mechanics. You would have to have a the same look, story and majorly improved mechanics to get people to totally abandon a game which you can only do with sequels.

Your only chance of killing something is taking it on right when a new franchise starts up before it has any established players. If two games came out at the same time then it would be more about mechanics and popularity, That why publishers stagger their release dates and stuff of big titles. Like FF and DQ.
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Grinding is where you have to level up to take on bosses like you said. You have to sit there and grind through killing tons of random battles. Random Battles arent there to slow you down. They are there to make you more powerful and give yo uthe money and items it takes to go further. How much you have to grind is a personal choice. Some people like to try and go through a game with the weakest team possable as a challenge. I like to dominate fights so I have to do craploads of grinding lol.

Zelda is action based and a great rpg. Nobody is mentioning it BECAUSE YOU SAID PS2 AND XBOX!!!!!! Of which zelda is on neither.
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You asked for our favorite reasons to play, not an entire list. Theres a couple of types of games I wouldnt play but I am pretty much open to everything. Im a gamer. Check out my fav lists. You will see something from most genre's. Getting more powerful is my favorite reason to play games but its not the only reason. I like playing FPS because its about accuracy and tactics. You usually get to collect or upgrade weapons to..
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Telling people you are easily offended is like putting blood in the water with sharks. And what the heck are doing playing games online where half the fun is to trash talk your opponent, why not just stay offline and play against friends. I HAD a friend who would play versus games with me but as much as I tried to get him into trash talking he wouldnt. I view it as fun.

I was playing Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway and there is this GREAT line during a cutscene where the main character gtes knocked down. His friend runs up and is like "Jesus Baker you spend more time on your back than so-and-so's sisters!!" and then that soldier is like "---- you Red". Or like I was playing Gears of War 2 with my dad and he went down and was like "I need help!" and I was like "Do I look like your mommy?" and we both started chuckling and couldnt stop.