Your very first PlayStation game?

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i forget the name of it cause i'd have to get out of my chair to go look but for me it was a bit different than you guys, i had never really played the PS2 or any of them that much. so i didn't know the controls i can think of only really one time i played it before i got my PS2 and that was in 2004 when a friend slept over and we played i think it was Grand theft auto i 4 i think? i wasn't very good with the controls but i did okay, well i bought a crossword puzzle game cause i enjoy doing those now and than....

to help me learn the controls cause when i did get Ghostbusters which is why i bought the console to begin with...for that game.... i didn't own a Wii at the time nor a PS3 either so hence why a PS2 was bought. anyways i bought the game cause i didn't want to be awful at the controls when i did play well any game at all... and you know what ? the game was i think $10 bucks and well worth it cause it did help teach me the controls quite fast... i didn't have to do that when i got my 360 two years ago though. since the controls are similar to Sony.

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My first ps1 game ridge racer

Ps2 smugglers run

PS3 motor storm

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Ratchet and Clank was my very first PS2 game, until the PS3 and PS4 showed up.

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good choices i just love Ratchet And Clank

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Mine was the ps1 and was spyro.

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I bought a PS1 Dualshock system and a copy of Final Fantasy 7 in 2000, after playing it on a second counsin's system and being blown away by it. I put it on layaway and paid on it for several months by doing lawn work and getting money for it. At the time the PS2 was about to come out, and shortly after I got my system the PSOne came out and was all small and sleek.

I got a few other games shortly after I paid the system off. Glover was one, Mort the Chicken was another (the end of that game had me lolling), and I also picked up Gran Turismo at the suggestion of many people. My sister either got or had me get Pong: The Next Level and it was pretty fun also. It was a really odd mix of games. Most of my collection would grow to be all of the FF games released for the system. I was always so mad that FF Chronicles included Chrono Trigger, when it could have easily had 3. :o

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Final Fantasy 7. I don’t think I even noticed the PlayStation until FF7 came out, and at that point it was the thing I wanted most in the world.

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Final Fantasy VII I think, but that goes so far back it's hard to remember.

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It was either Mortal Kombat Trilogy or GTA: Vice City. My friend let me borrow his PS1 and those are the games I was most interested in.