Your very first PlayStation game?

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#102 Posted by Speeny (1375 posts) -

It was either Monsters Inc. or Atlantis.

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#103 Posted by Kage1 (6800 posts) -

My first PS game was Tekken on the PS1

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#106 Posted by FanboyMcTroll (274 posts) -

Resident Evil, the original in the mansion.

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#107 Posted by ReaperInThyName (259 posts) -

Final Fantasy VII. The reason why I bought a Playstation and became a Playstation fan. Was a full fledged Nintendo gamer up until then.

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#109 Posted by andy24king24 (27 posts) -

Metal Gear Solid, still even with today’s graphics the greatest game ever made.

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#110 Posted by HdGamesChannel (5 posts) -

Resident Evil :D

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#111 Posted by thehig1 (7213 posts) -

Riiiiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaacer!!

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#112 Posted by Johndmgs (323 posts) -

My first was Crash Bandicoot too

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Time crisis.

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#114 Posted by ArchoNils2 (10311 posts) -

The first I played was Wipeout, the first I owned as a kid was Croc which I got with my Ps1.

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#115 Posted by SebastienW (5 posts) -

First game played : Crash Bandicoot too ^^

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#116 Posted by Saint_Jimmy609 (5 posts) -

COD 2 big red one i still play it to this day

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#117 Posted by iambatman7986 (2748 posts) -

Ridge Racer and B. A. Toukiden with the console on day one. I played RR so much.

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#118 Posted by rafaelmsoares (655 posts) -

Chrono Cross and it's still my favorite on the system.

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#119 Posted by robert_sparkes (2798 posts) -

Ridge Racer and crash 1 from what I can vaguely remember.

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#120 Posted by RivergirlDJ (2 posts) -

I think it was either Jet Moto or Tomb Raider ..!!hahaha !!

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#121 Posted by Calvincfb (773 posts) -

Crash 2

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#122 Posted by BlazingHabanero (14 posts) -

PaRappa The Rapper, Looking back now that game was atrocious, but it's where I started with gaming in general. So I look back on it fondly nonetheless.

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#123 Posted by UnderCroft (9 posts) -

My first Playstation game was Crash Bandicoot for Playstation 1, it was the game that made me buy the Playstation 1 and one of the next ones were Resident Evil and Tomb Raider ohhh yeah baby :)

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#124 Posted by notsogoodyts (28 posts) -

FFVII. I didn't have a Playstation but my 7th grade friend let me borrow his. I played through it on the ps3 years later and it just doesn't stand the test of time.

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#125 Posted by Game_Station_Forum (11 posts) -

Having been a Nintendo gamer all my life, I only started playing playstation when the PS4 came out. My first game was destiny.

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#126 Posted by Telekill (8379 posts) -

Ridge Racer on PS1.

I got it with the system for Christmas 1995.

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#127 Edited by cejay0813 (1433 posts) -

Warhawk and JetMoto

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#128 Posted by robert_sparkes (2798 posts) -

Got the system with ridge Racer and crash 1.

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#130 Posted by Longsnout (174 posts) -

Probably Spyro or Gex on a friend's PS1. Once I got mine the first game I played and finished was Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage.

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#131 Posted by theforaeyes (3 posts) -

Metal Gear - it really made me passionate about playing playstation :)

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#132 Posted by deactivated-5c875e07ed3fd (-1 posts) -

it was Knack and it was dissapointment :/

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#133 Posted by AMark (17 posts) -

Dynasty Warriors 3. God it was fun back then!

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#134 Posted by ButDuuude (1272 posts) -

Grand Theft Auto III and my second was Gran Turismo 3.

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#135 Posted by BronzeHeart92 (95 posts) -

@jurilmoore: So you started with PS4? That's quite interesting... What consoles did you use before that?

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#136 Posted by deactivated-5c875e07ed3fd (-1 posts) -

@bronzeheart92 Sorry I read the question wrong. My very first Playstation game was Tomb Raider and Resident Evil 2

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#137 Posted by robert_sparkes (2798 posts) -

Ridge Racer what an upgrade from the sega mega drive.

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#138 Posted by VFighter (4654 posts) -

Tekken 2, it wasn't as good as VF2 but still damn fun.

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#139 Edited by robert_sparkes (2798 posts) -

Reading some of the posts on here reminds me what a great system the PS1 was. Always in my top 5 consoles of all time.

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#141 Posted by l34052 (3899 posts) -

I brought my Playstation on release and the first game I ever played with it was Crash Bandicoot.

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#144 Posted by FlawlessPoop (151 posts) -

Kingdom Hearts

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#145 Posted by uninspiredcup (32312 posts) -

Jumping Flash!

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#146 Posted by npiet1 (1961 posts) -

THUG 2 and Tekken 3

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#147 Edited by Sokol4ever (6699 posts) -
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Ridge Racer Type4.

I will never forget that experience. The rest is history. :)

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#148 Posted by sukraj (27858 posts) -

ridge racer

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#149 Edited by sakaiXx (5182 posts) -

Either digimon world 1/ winning eleven /metal slug /harvest moon

All I played on friends house. The first one that I played when I got my own ps was final fantasy X or kingdom hearts on ps2.