Your very first PlayStation game?

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@Stranger_36: same dude. Are you buying the trilogy when it comes out?

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I think it was Overboard, like a sort of top-down pirate ship game. Really fun to play two player against somebody.

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The very first Tekken :)

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Maybe Resident Evil 4.

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Legend of Dragoon

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The original Gran Trusimo. Also was what got me into gaming and was my first ever console game. (Beforehand all I had was a football and fishing led game.

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soccer. all i have to say

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Riiiiiiiiidggggge Raaaaaaaaaacer

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Either Tekken 3 or Yu Gi Oh! Forbidden Memories

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@ilikeikeilikeik said:

Legend of Dragoon

Niiice! This game was so great and not too well known either. A remake or a sequel would be appreciated tbh

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Croc! what a legendary game!

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Original Jet Moto for the PS1 when it was released October of 1996.

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I can't remember the actual first game but some of the games i remember having are Abe's Obyssey, Tomb Raider, Discworld, Medal of Honour, GTA to name a few.

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I remember getting the system with ridge racer and a random demo disc with crash 1 on it great memories definitely in my top 3 systems of all time.

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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was my first. The story was awesome, the game play is fun ,and the game still doesn't get old even when I still play it today!

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Spent my first ever Xmas bonus on my system and these 2 games.

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Resident Evil and Tekken 2. The games I bought with the console.

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I have a picture of me from Christmas, and I'm sure I got several games, but I got the GT3 Bundle, and had Gameday 98 and Twisted Medal in my hand.

I remember them of course, but I think 2Xtreme, Abe's Odyssey, and Tomb Raider are ones I also got, I have more memories of them. It was later memories playing THPS, FFVIII, TR2, Crash, etc. The most impactful was the 2 times as a kid walking into a room of someone playing Final Fantasy VII, it truly deserves moniker of greatest game ever made.

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Pro Skater 3 for PS2

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What I can remember either spyro or rayman 1 on ps1.

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First playstation game I got was Final Fantasy 7 - which blew my child brain up into bits. Before this I didn't even know what an rpg was. Few games make such an impression as this - great times.

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crash bandicoot

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My first game came with the console when i bought it in some marketplace, it was Digimon Worlds. And additionally i bought carmageddon, so kinda played two games at the same time, don't remembe which one i booted up first lol

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Pretty sure it was Resident Evil 1. Part of a demo disc I got from a magazine cuz I couldn’t afford a game yet lol. Funny looking back how much RE1 scared the shit outa my brother and me back then. Good times

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First PS1 game I actually played I can't remember the title. It was at a friends house, it was end of 96, and he was playing it, I think he was controlling 4 characters and it might have been an over the top shooter. A bit vague.

When I actually got a PS1 myself, I remember having a demo disk and first played Destruction Derby 2. I thought it was amazing. Unlike any game I'd seen. As soon as my older brother seen it, he was like "I got to get one". He went and bought a Playstation with Crash Bandicoot, and I bought Destruction Derby 2.

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it had to be the demo disks with multiple games on it. I remember playing Dexter the Geko, SnowBoarders, GranTurismo 1, Crash Bandicoot, Twisted Metal, and Ace Combat.

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the first ps1 game i played was taxi 2
but the first ps1 game that i owned v rally 2 or crash bandicoot 3,i think i bought them in the same day

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@clone01: same here but only rented it, first one I bought was ace combat 2.

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My very first playstation game was i believe Gran Turismo. It was that and tekken, I recieved both games along with the playstation as a gift so I played both of those games that night.

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I'm almost embarrassed to admit I was primarily a Nintendo gamer. My first Playstation was a PS3 in 2010. I think I picked up Batman: Arkham Asylum, Soul Calibur IV, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift & Modnation Racers.

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I'm pretty sure it was Warhawk, on the PSone.

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Me and my friend were over her cousins house and we started playing twisted metal on her ps1.

The first games I ever owned though was ratchet and clank and god of war. My cuz gave me her relative's ps2 after doing some work for her. I miss that ps2 I wish I would have brought it with me when i moved -_-

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I was amazed when I hooked up the PS1 and booted up ridge racer. Don't think I'll ever see a jump to that level mega drive to PS1 still the biggest in my opinion.

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Probably Ben 10 games were my first on my cousins ps. Man those were times

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I got my PS1 and for about 6 months all I had was the demo-disc that came with it. that December I was given a bunch of games from my mom, she put up a flyer asking for game donations at her work. I still have them all, I think I played Resident Evil, Moto racer, and View point the most.

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I know I got several games around Christmas, but I'm pretty sure Twisted Metal, Tomb Raider, and GameDay cause I've seen them in photos. But with my other friends with PS1, I saw many wondrous things, like older brothers at other house playing FFVII.

I also had things like 2Xtreme, RE1, GT3, Tomb Raider and Crash. But then there was, THPS, FFVIII and Tekken.

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Man, good memories...

My very first Playstation game was Megaman X5

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PS1 - Tomorrow never dies and Toy Story 2

PS2 - Medal of Honor Frontline and Agent under fire

PS3 - Assassins Creed, CODMW4, Kane and Lynch Dead Men - (Slim i got Killzone 3 and some Ferrari game that never got played)

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Need for Speed

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Ridge Racer

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I brought a Playstation on release and got Crash Bandicoot to play on it.

After the 2d games I'd only ever known, Crash was like nothing I'd ever seen before and I loved it.

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I have recently join the Playstation Nation, my first game was The Last Of Us!

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Tekken 3 so many good memories

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Silent Hill

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Street fighter the movie game yeah I'm not proud of that. lol