What's the first pc game you ever played?

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#1 Posted by urbangamez (3426 posts) -

I think it may have f1 grand prix on a i386 cpu with ms dos. still one of the best racing games ever made. lots o fun.

pc's and gaming have come along way since then

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#2 Posted by Devnon (89 posts) -

Dune 2: The building of a dynasty

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#3 Edited by RadicalBradical (29 posts) -

I played a ton of random games when I first started playing games on PC, but if I recall correctly, the first PC game that I played was probably Jump Start 1st Grade. :P

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#4 Posted by Alucrd2009 (744 posts) -

red alert 1 , Dune 2 . doom 1998

if i recall correctly i had 233 Mhz CPU , s3 4mb gpu , 4 gb hdd and 32 ram ..... AND I GOT TURBO BUTTON IN THE CASE ^^ hehe .

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#5 Posted by appariti0n (2700 posts) -

Diablo 1.

I believe it was on an IBM cyrix 200 mhz, with 16 MB of ram, and windows 95.

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#6 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (5980 posts) -

Quake 2... But that was the first game I played on a PC I owned, first game I ever played on a PC was Tetris at my cousins house when I was 8 on Windows 95 I believe.

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#7 Posted by PfizersaurusRex (1193 posts) -

The first PC game that I finished was probably Aliens vs. Predator, which I played on my cousin's PC. On my first PC I played AVP2 and No One Lives Forever 2. They don't make them like that anymore...

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#8 Posted by Yams1980 (3140 posts) -

First PC game i played was in 1992 was Ultima 7 on my 386sx 25mhz PC. And it still stands as one of the best games i've played despite its game breaking bugs. The game was a bit choppy, it ran super smooth later on when i ran it on a newer 486 pc with a faster hard drive.

I had played games on Atari several years before that, but the term PC didn't apply to that until IBM made computers mainstream in the late 80s.

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#9 Posted by thehig1 (7065 posts) -

Relevtivley new to pc gaming, it was penumbra overture.

The influx of horror games like amnesia, call of ktulu, outlast etc made me want a pc as consoles didn't have proper horror experiences like that

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#10 Posted by Vaidream45 (1541 posts) -

Rebel Assault

I was blown away and quickly fell in love with any game i could play on pc with a flight stick.

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#11 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (18137 posts) -

Operation: Inner Space. Even my dad used to play it... and he never plays games.

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#12 Posted by Howmakewood (5567 posts) -

Prince of Persia

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#13 Posted by BassMan (9494 posts) -

I can't remember my first PC game. Some of the early games I remember playing were Oregon Trail, Karateka, Lode Runner, etc..

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#14 Posted by skipper847 (7298 posts) -

The X files game. I even bought it be for I even ordered the PC. :D

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#15 Posted by PopGotcha (716 posts) -

CROC, Warcraft and AOE. They are the first games I remember. There was a huge cereal promo, buy a box of nutri grain and get a free copy of AOE LUL

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#16 Edited by Lezbowsky (12 posts) -

If not count MS-DOS game(some racing game, maybe F1), first "big" title - Heretic and few days later Doom 2. That was 1995.

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#17 Posted by Gallowhand (591 posts) -

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure on Apple II back in 1984/85 during my college years. :P

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#18 Posted by Bluesy (30 posts) -

Wolfenstein 3d

Windows 3.0 or 3.1...had to run it from the command prompt. Me and BJ Blazkowicz go way back. I even remember dad buying an 8mb ram upgrade for that machine for ~$250.

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#19 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (24993 posts) -

Sublogic Jet

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#20 Posted by Dark_sageX (3301 posts) -

Technically the first PC game I have ever played was Megaman X3 back in 1996. But the first game I played with my own first build PC was Sonic Generations in 2012, playing that game on an HD7870 at 1080p 60fps in comparison to the PS3 version which was 720p and barely 30fps (with extreme long loading times, motion blur as far as the eyes can see and overall not great quality) I was blown away by the difference, and then I tried Batman Arkham City which looked beautiful at 60fps and then Assassins' Creed II which was a full 60fps (compared to the PS3's 20fps) which way actually playable. There was no way I can possibly go back to consoles and this gen didn't improve things at all.

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#21 Posted by SOedipus (11236 posts) -

Hover or Magic Carpet

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#22 Posted by appariti0n (2700 posts) -

If we can count personal computers other than X86, then my first Personal computer game was Zaxxon, or maybe Q-bert on the Commodore 64 lol.

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#23 Posted by AFBrat77 (26647 posts) -

Original Diablo.....and it's still great

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#24 Posted by osan0 (15286 posts) -

if we count something like the BBC micro as a PC then it would be elite.

if not then its commander keen i think.

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#25 Posted by D3ad2fall88 (35 posts) -

Age of Empires. Still love that game and soon will be getting AOE4.

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#26 Edited by Sam3231 (2529 posts) -

I honestly can't remember. If I had to take my best guess though... Probably Ski-Free on Windows 3.1.

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#27 Posted by TheShadowLord07 (23083 posts) -

it was either a rugrats game or lego island. But I am sure it was a rugrats game.

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#28 Posted by attirex (1501 posts) -

Some type of early flight sim on a Tandy/Radio Shack PC in the mid-Eighties. I had no idea what I was doing, so mostly just took planes as high as they could go and then dove until their wings ripped off. Good times?

Now you rotten kids get off my lawn.

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#29 Posted by adamosmaki (10678 posts) -

Solitaire . Oh wait you said game then its Jazz Jackrabbit way back in 94

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#30 Edited by comp_atkins (35373 posts) -

probably this on my parents TI 99/4A in the early 80's

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#31 Posted by Subtle54 (16 posts) -

First game, besides Space Invaders on Commodore 64, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards on P

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#32 Posted by mastro_kian (8 posts) -

Some "Lion King" game, can't remember the details specifically but it was one of the best game I ever played when I was 5

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#33 Posted by GarGx1 (10736 posts) -

Warlords was the game that brought me in to PC gaming

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#34 Posted by RockField (473 posts) -

I think it's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I got into PC gaming back in 2006 or 2007.

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#35 Posted by caseystryker (5421 posts) -

Shadowgate on my mom and dads old Apple. That was a long time ago...

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#36 Posted by gcfreak898 (1979 posts) -

Doom or Commander Keen I can't remember it's been so long.

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#37 Posted by the_bi99man (11250 posts) -

I remember some arcade style racing game called MegaRace, I'm pretty sure, that I played when I was a really little. First one I remember really getting into, at an age where I could really understand and get into a game, was definitely Warcraft. OG. Orcs and Humans. Followed by all of Blizzard's other games, as they came. Good times.

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#38 Posted by GamingPCGod (132 posts) -

Combat Arms

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#40 Posted by GettingonwithGamingLife (150 posts) -

Club Penguin! The good old days!

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#41 Posted by kriggy (1157 posts) -

I think it was the original Moto Racer

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#42 Edited by deactivated-5bda06edf37ee (4675 posts) -

QBASIC Gorillas. It was included with MS-DOS to promote QBASIC programming language.

You take turns to toss exploding bananas at each other. That turd looks like this;

The first "real" game i played after this was Wing Commander 2.

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#43 Posted by Gladestone1 (5696 posts) -

pong count lol

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#44 Posted by Gladestone1 (5696 posts) -

@Gallowhand: loved that game gallow

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#45 Edited by bfa1509 (1058 posts) -

Either Doom or Virtual Safari an interesting/awful game that came packaged with Windows 98:

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#46 Edited by tomana (9 posts) -


I think it was played on an Atari. Been near 40-45 years ago and the Atari system cost $300 back then.

Adjusting for inflation that would be $1200 in today's dollars (US) and here I was thinking $400 for a used GTX 1070 was too expensive.

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#47 Posted by dxmcat (2478 posts) -

Well technically an Atari 1040ST was a PC but...........

speaking in dos/x86 terms, the most memorable early one was probably the OG Prince of Persia.

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#48 Posted by Thunderlip (236 posts) -

Wolfenstien: ET !!!!!!!!!

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#49 Posted by neatfeatguy (4234 posts) -

Hunt the Wumpus

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#50 Posted by JimB (2344 posts) -

Knights of Legend or Might and Magic One.