What's the first pc game you ever played?

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#51 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (24623 posts) -

Monster Truck madness is a way of life

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#52 Posted by JoshRMeyer (10284 posts) -

Megarace on a Packard Bell 486dx 66mhz

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#53 Posted by JoshRMeyer (10284 posts) -

@neatfeatguy: Man I loved that game... But played it on a Texas Instrument so I didn't think that counted as PC.

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#54 Posted by JoshRMeyer (10284 posts) -

Cool thread... Shows how spoiled some people are today about frame rates and resolution. But obviously everyone posting here is 30+ judging by the comments.

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#55 Posted by deactivated-5ac102a4472fe (7431 posts) -

Was likely Space Crusade.. But it is kind of hard to remember..

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#56 Posted by neatfeatguy (4241 posts) -

@joshrmeyer said:

@neatfeatguy: Man I loved that game... But played it on a Texas Instrument so I didn't think that counted as PC.

Hunt The Wumpus - I want to say it was on the commodore 64 I played the game with my mom. I was maybe 3 years old (back in '83) and I always remember asking her if we could play so I'm not exactly sure if the computer we played it on was a commodore 64 or something else.

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#57 Posted by JoshRMeyer (10284 posts) -

@neatfeatguy: It may have been on both. I owned a Texas Instrument (probably in '83 also) and never a commodore. Went T.I. to Atari, NES, Turbo graphix 16, SNES, N64, PS1, GameCube, PS2, Wii, PS3, WiiU, PS4. Left handhelds out.

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#58 Posted by Jebus213 (10056 posts) -

Descent 3

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#59 Posted by neatfeatguy (4241 posts) -
@joshrmeyer said:

@neatfeatguy: It may have been on both. I owned a Texas Instrument (probably in '83 also) and never a commodore. Went T.I. to Atari, NES, Turbo graphix 16, SNES, N64, PS1, GameCube, PS2, Wii, PS3, WiiU, PS4. Left handhelds out.

Nice. My uncle was a nerd and the tech company he worked for when I was little, he had access to all Atari games. He copied every game to the chips that looked like this:

There was a special game cartridge with a locking lever to hold the chip in place. We had access to all games on the Atari 2600 (so cool).

1986 my dad picked up a NES for my older brother and I. I eventually got a GameBoy (lost it somehow, my dad felt bad because it was at his place so he got me a new one....about 6 months later my old one turned up at his house so now I had two).

After that my older brother and I started collecting gaming stuff. We got our hands on a couple of NES, Turbo Graphix 16, several SNES (we converted one to a Super Famicom), Sega Genesis w/ a 32X adapter, Sega Genesis CD and hundreds of games.

(sorry, tangent incoming)

The Genesis and 32X and all games on it were mine alone. Everything else we pooled money from all the card shows we used to do (we had thousands and thousands of sports cards and signed memorabilia from the Brewers, Packers and Bears). He branched off to comic books and tracked down first issues of Wolverine, X-Men, Batman and so on and stopped with collecting gaming stuff.

We probably had easily $100K worth of stuff (at the time I didn't think of it as money, it was just fun stuff we did). He got into a bad crowd in high school in the early 90s and pretty much cleaned out the house of all of our cards, comics and gaming stuff and hocked it to feed his drug habit (which wasn't doing drugs outside of weed, but he wanted to be the next big dealer). He also stole $600 out of my room. I remember coming home to find out everything except my Genesis and just a couple of games were left (he took my 32X adapter and all the games for it and almost all my Genesis games). He took 95% of all our cards and all his comics as well. Cops were called and a theft report was made. Without receipts I couldn't prove what items were missing, but my parents could vouch for the cash I had in my room. My brother was given 24 hours to return the stolen money or he'd be arrested and hauled to juvie. I guess the cop scare was enough because by the time I got home from school the next day my money was returned.

I stopped collecting gaming things and cards after the whole fiasco.

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#60 Posted by nepu7supastar7 (4973 posts) -


Half Life 1. I had no idea what it was but it was badass at the time.

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#61 Posted by bigfootpart2 (1131 posts) -

Wolfenstein 3d

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#62 Posted by Johnny_Rock (40218 posts) -

Not counting Commodore games, my first was a tie between StarCraft and Half Life. I bought them on the same day.

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#63 Edited by GrahamZ (126 posts) -

I don't remember for sure. But I'm pretty sure it was Rogue. I know that in the early days, I played that a whole lot (used to play on a DEC PDP or VAX computer). We also had a copy of Wizardry (the first one) floating around at work, but that may have been later on. My first programming job out of college was working on VAX and PDP computers, but when the company bought their first PC (running IBM DOS 1.1 or so) I was handed a PC manual and told to 'Learn it'.

I loved Warlords -- it was a truly underrated game. Also, of course, another port from VAX, "Empire: Game of the Century Edition" is one that ought to be remembered and revived in a modernized edition.

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#64 Edited by misconfigured (27 posts) -

The first "proper" PC game i played was Rift.

I did play browser games when i were younger, including a Transformers browser game in 2007 or 2008 that, to this day i still can't find anywhere. I know its probably shut down but i can't find any evidence it even existed. It genuinely upsets me tbh.

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#65 Posted by Litchie (23271 posts) -

I don't remember. Probably something random. I know DOOM and a schmup called Overkill were two games I played very early.

@groowagon said:

QBASIC Gorillas. It was included with MS-DOS to promote QBASIC programming language.

You take turns to toss exploding bananas at each other. That turd looks like this;

The first "real" game i played after this was Wing Commander 2.

OMG, that's a game I played extremely early as well. Probably before DOOM.

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Doom 1 was my first game.

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My first game was GTA San Andreas. I wasn't completed missions but I destroyed all.

P.s. Sorry about my english

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Space Invaders

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#71 Posted by RadicalBradical (29 posts) -

Pretty embarrassing...but my first PC game was JumpStart 1st Grade, haha.

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#72 Posted by sayyy-gaa (5847 posts) -

Pretty sure it was Munch Man on a TI-99/4a.

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#73 Posted by happy492 (19 posts) -

Halo combat evolved was my first game I played on pc.

but I played around 2008 lol

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#74 Posted by 04dcarraher (23142 posts) -

First pc game I played was Blockout came out like 1990 or 1991.

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#75 Posted by Mighty-Lu-Bu (2970 posts) -

It was Doom in 1995- pretty old school.

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#76 Posted by R4gn4r0k (30302 posts) -

Probably Duke Nukem 3D

But the first games I remember very fondly playing on PC include:

  • Half Life
  • Age of Empires
  • Quake 3
  • BF1942 (demo)
  • Day of Defeat
  • RTCW
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My first Pc came with Windows 95 when i was like 7 or 8, pretty sure I played the few games that came with it. I don't really remember what they were though.

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#78 Posted by slimdogmilionar (1072 posts) -

leisure suit larry, I had no idea what I was doing.

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#80 Posted by fenriz275 (2146 posts) -

Don't remember the name but some text adventure game back in the early 80s.

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#81 Posted by TruDawg32 (724 posts) -

I remember playing a lot of shareware games like: Syberia, Heretic, Doom, Descent, Wolfenstein, etc... Haha, as a bonus, in school is was The Oregon Trail; at a friend's house it was sneaking into his dad's room and playing Leisure Suit Larry; I remember having to get answers to "adult" questions in order to access it; in a time with no google, that wasn't easy.

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#83 Posted by KOD (2754 posts) -

I feel so much better after reading this thread. Im not the only old fart around here.

Jump Joe. It was a cheap Tandy Color 3 game.

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#86 Posted by GrahamZ (126 posts) -

Probably it was either Rogue or Empire -- as soon as I found PC-compatible version of the games. Wizardry 1 also was among the first, but probably after the other 2.

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#87 Posted by Vaidream45 (1673 posts) -


Same here. Played Rebel Assault on a buddys pc and then needed to get one for myself after a year or so. Never forget that game and that experience.

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#88 Posted by Skaal (3 posts) -

Duke Nukem

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#89 Posted by RyviusARC (5707 posts) -

Oregon Trail.

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#90 Edited by CaptainBlueSky (12 posts) -

Probably some Cartoon Network flash game from back in the day. that or maybe solitaire realistically.

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#91 Posted by Sleepergamer (6 posts) -

Tonka Construction!

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#92 Posted by dagubot (1187 posts) -

I remember being in school and playing Oregon Trail...lol. When I was a kid, I remember popping up Descent, such a great game. Later on, I believe when I was 13 my buddy introduced me to Warcraft III and I just lost my social life that day, such an amazing game and still to this day one of my favorite RTS games. How I wish for a Warcraft IV...

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#93 Posted by Vanilli (57 posts) -

I think it was some kind of Chess-Game for DOS on my aunt's computer back in the very early 90s. My first own PC-Game was Star Wars Rebel Assault, one of the first games distributed on a CD-Rom. God, how crappy it was. But I loved it.

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#94 Edited by Diddies (2335 posts) -

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit or Age of Empires or Sims.

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#96 Posted by JWDisney (5 posts) -

I remember abusing Motocross Madness 2 back when it came out

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Lander on the Acorn Archimedes because I'm including microcomputers.

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Grand Theft Auto III and Counter Strike 1.6 sometime around 2000 - 2001.

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#100 Posted by Pcmasterrace69 (369 posts) -



good old times