What's the first pc game you ever played?

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#152 Posted by mobius_basic (561 posts) -

For me it was the original flight simulator in the early 80's. It was a sight to behold on an amber monochrome monitor, lol. I didn't know any better when I had my parents buy the game for me at EggHead Software (remember those guys?) and said hey this looks nothing like the cool colored screenshots pictured on the box!

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#154 Posted by Toastier (8 posts) -

FATE: The Cursed King

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Age of Empires all the way!

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#156 Posted by taylor12702003 (227 posts) -

The Winter Games (1985)

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First game was Boogie Runner on miniclip lol

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Bionicle and prince of persia.

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I think doom, could also be another kid floppy game tho. no clue anymore. but original doom is probably one of the first ones.