What year did you get into PC gaming?

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Just curious when did everybody start PC gaming I got hooked back in 2005. I wish I got into it earlier though I feel like PC golden age was the late 90's to 07. Then after Crysis we lost our AAA PC exclusives which sucks but PC gaming is still great.

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#2 Posted by theone86 (22417 posts) -

I've been in and out. Back when I was younger I would play games like Battle Zone and Tempest on PC, then a lot of C+C, other RTS games, and Diablo 2. I kinda got into console gaming after that, came back briefly for Jedi Knight and Jedi Academy, then mainly console until recently when I got a new PC. I think a big reason why I never got into was because my systems couldn't handle much before, but nowadays you can get a relatively powerful PC for a reasonable price.

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#3 Posted by Lach0121 (11404 posts) -

Mid 90s, but not my own PCs, some friends actually. It was late 90s when I got my own.

The games that got me into pc gaming were:

Duke Nukem 3D

Command & Conquer

Command & Conquer Red Alert



Shadow Warrior

After that I knew I would never be a console only gamer. I have some nice gaming PCs still running GTX970s, so they are due for a GPU upgrade, but I am waiting until Nvidia's next lineup. (GTX1100 series or whatever). With Battletech, and Phoenix Point, and a few RTS games there are still some decent PC exclusives.

I still love our consoles though. Interested to see if Halo 6 will be brought to PC.

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#4 Posted by pouriarjj (168 posts) -

@warmblur: i started in 2005 too

with counter strike and half life and c&c generals and most wanted

ahhh the good days

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#7 Posted by Gamerno6666 (6811 posts) -

1997. But had a looong period where I stopped playing video games. Then started again in 2008.

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Commodore C128

Tandy 1000SX

Commodore Amiga

Before I got burned out on medieval themes, I used to play Dungeon Master for the Amiga. It spawned a number of copycats, including Eye of the Beholder.

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#10 Posted by Mickeyminime (1445 posts) -

I can't remember what year, but it was sometime in the early 90's. My first ever PC game i owned and paid for with pocket money was Dungeon Keeper. Before then, all the other games where simple demo's and nothing more.

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#11 Posted by ShepardCommandr (4939 posts) -


I started with a low end pc so i mostly played the classics.(diablo,doom,duke3d,fallout,hexen,heretic,unreal,half life,baldur's gate,planescape torment,etc....)

Morrowind was my first pc game though

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#12 Posted by Monkey_Seeker (53 posts) -

I started with PC gaming around 2005 towards the end of the PS2s era, I know really it lasted a while longer but this was when the PS3/Xbox 360 arrived. It wasn't the most powerful PC but it ran games just about well enough.

I then started to learn how to build them myself and gradually got better hardware as money allowed. It wasn't until around 2010 when I had a proper gaming capable PC though that could run even the latest games well.

I was pretty much exclusively a PC player until last year when I bought both the Xbox One and PS4, though my main system is still and always will be the PC.

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#13 Posted by neatfeatguy (4255 posts) -

Early 80s. I may have been really young (3 or so), but I found the game Hunt the Wumpus fun. I bugged my mom every day to play it and we'd sit and play the game a handful of times almost every day.

Loved me all the 5.25" floppy disc games we had as I grew up.....tons and tons of games. I self taught myself DOS by age 10 and I remember the day when I was given a new computer for my brithday and Windows 2000 was the OS. I was so pissed when the access to DOS was removed.......oh well. Basically as far back as I can remember I've gamed on computers.

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#15 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (25253 posts) -

I still remember when Flight Simulator was under the Sublogic brand (before MS and Steam). Another Sublogic flight sim I played was Jet in full CGA glory. YUK ;) Too bad its 16-color mode only supported EGA and not Tandy 16-color graphics.

F/A-18 for the Amiga had 32-color support and was one reason I switched to the platform.

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#16 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (6460 posts) -

Late 90's... First game I bought was Quake 2, prior to that I was playing on a Sega Mega Drive and PS1.

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#17 Posted by Starshine_M2A2 (5176 posts) -

I played the original Game Boy in the early 90s. Then I was able to play Doom and Duke 3D over a friends house in the mid 90s before we finally got a working PC of our own. Then it was Worms 2 all the way!

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#18 Posted by thehig1 (7308 posts) -

2013 decided to PC route instead of xbox1 or PS4

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#19 Posted by ArchoNils2 (10370 posts) -

We always had some crappy games on our PCs. But most of them I forgot how they were called. The first one I remember with name is Command and Conquer, the very first one back in 1995

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#20 Edited by Loodko_Koopus (69 posts) -

I started playing on DOS back in the 90s. Also, CnC is a classic. Had many wonderful hours with that.

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#21 Edited by snyderm49 (5 posts) -

Even in the Mid 90s PC gaming had some gems on my 486! I remember the WWII combat flight simulator ACES over Europe. That was just awesome. Really expanded my view of how good a combat simulator could be.

Strangely, despite all the attempts they made afterward, no one equaled that game. IL sturmvok comes to mind, but no one really got it right. Sadly that genre is basically dead now.

And, oh yeah! Panzer General! Yes sir!

But if the people at Commodore had made some better business decisions, the Amiga would still reign supreme. Props to the dude who mentioned Dungeon Master.

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#22 Edited by bigfootpart2 (1131 posts) -

Early-mid 90s on a 486. Got started on games like Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Star Wars Dark Forces, 7th Guest, Rise of the Triad, Raptor Call of the Shadows, Panzer General.

When it became clear that the N64 was probably going to suck and not have the game lineup of the SNES or the power of PCs of that time period, my brother and I went all in on PC gaming and put together a very expensive for the time Pentium 166mhz. The PC has been my primary gaming platform ever since.

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#24 Posted by dxmcat (2686 posts) -

@jun_aka_pekto: Dungeon Master on PC is great. Ultra portable and would play it on PCs at school. Plus the between screen loading times were non existent, so you would waaaarp through the game. Atari 1040ST....not so much :O.

Oh and on topic, early 90s.

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#25 Posted by Litchie (24047 posts) -

Ever since I got my child mitts on DOOM. Mid 90's I guess. I played some stuff on PC even before that as well, but mostly games where you learn to spell and shit.

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#26 Posted by Drakensson (43 posts) -

With me it was more like

2008-2010: PC

2010-2012: Xbox 360

2012 to present: PC

A proper internet connection and being introduced to Steam changed it all

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First console or computer type device was an Atari 130xe in the late 80s.

But my first IBM compatible "PC" was a 386sx 25mhz, 2 megs of ram with 120mb hard drive. This was back in 1992. First game i got for it was Ultima 7.

Got a 486dx pc soon after, which was a big improvement to the 386. Then couple years later got a Pentium 133mhz pc... which i still have the case of that PC and salvaged it, and put in a k6-400mhz pc into it.

Still use my k6-400 pc for dos games. Mind you, its upgraded a lot now, i use a 30gb ssd and large low rpm fans on the cpu fan and a silent psu. It sounded like a vacuum cleaner before replacing its original fans and hard drives.

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#29 Posted by RockField (473 posts) -

I started getting into PC gaming in mid 2000s or late 2000s and as far as I could remember, the first PC game I played was GTA: San Andreas.

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#30 Posted by Efertet (6 posts) -

i started in 2005 the first game i had was sims 1

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#31 Posted by deactivated-5ad38f8494160 (34 posts) -

Technically 2014 when I had a shitty laptop that I played TF2 and Minecraft on, and if we're including flash/newgrounds games I don't even know when lol

Although I got my PC last year. Very basic setup (core2 duo, 4gb ddr3 dell with an ssd, 750gb hdd and 1030 thrown in) but it does me well. It plays all the games I want to and it lets me browse the internet so I'm happy.

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#32 Posted by lucidique (579 posts) -

@SOedipus said:


Same. Good stuff back then.

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#33 Posted by Mighty-Lu-Bu (2970 posts) -

1994/ 1995ish and the first PC game that I ever played was the shareware version of the original Doom. I then played Doom 2, Heretic, the original Warcraft, then Hexen, and then Command and Conquer.

PC gaming has changed drastically, but the games that I play the most on PC are Skyrim Special Edition, Witcher III and End of Times: Vermintide. If Elder Scrolls Oblivion was stable and had controller support, I would be playing it right now. Hopefully they will remake it one day.

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#34 Posted by schu (10051 posts) -

My first PC was a Pentium 75 8mb ram 2mb vram 800mb hd

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I born in 1990 and begain play games when i was 10 years old, i remember it is Mario, LOL

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#36 Posted by kriggy (1182 posts) -

1997, I was 5 years old when it all began

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#37 Posted by WoodenStick (40 posts) -

I started playing on PC in 2001 when I started reading on Gamespot and internet connections started getting faster. ICQ was the sh*t back in the days.

But I couldn't find many AAA games that I liked during 2001-2004 so I played Counter-strike and went back to consoles.

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#38 Posted by Howmakewood (5935 posts) -

91 for the first time iirc

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#39 Posted by Dark_sageX (3421 posts) -

2012 officially, but I was into PC gaming long before that without realizing it. On my dad's old computer I used to play PC games all the time, not just that but emulate PS1 games and I loved playing with mods like mugen, it baffles me actually as to how I got to dislike PCs, I could have at least appreciated it but for some reason I preferred consoles to the point whee I was telling people that PCs are inferior, its very strange when I think about it...

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#40 Posted by Mordant221 (372 posts) -

Unofficially, since I was a kid. Played KOTOR, Jade Empire, Homeworld, Orange Box... etc. But it wasn't until 2016 that I got a job that paid well enough for me to build any PC I wanted, that's when I became a real PC gamer.

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#41 Posted by iLLusionary (49 posts) -

I played MapleStory throughout my childhood. But I built my PC September 27, 2017. So I got slightly ahead of this MSRP madness.

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PC gaming.......Yawwwn......Zzzzzz

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#43 Posted by Howmakewood (5935 posts) -
@theproof said:

PC gaming.......Yawwwn......Zzzzzz

thanks for contributing

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#44 Posted by Gamerno6666 (6811 posts) -

@theproof said:

PC gaming.......Yawwwn......Zzzzzz

Take this shit to system wars alt.

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#45 Posted by Critical00 (6 posts) -

1975 - Pong, tanks and such on the sears home entertainment system

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#46 Posted by NoodleFighter (10352 posts) -

@illusionary said:

I played MapleStory throughout my childhood. But I built my PC September 27, 2017. So I got slightly ahead of this MSRP madness.

So were you apart of the MapleStory teenage addiction madness that was rampant around 2007? I sure was.

Anyway if you count the games that came with windows by default like minesweeper and space pinball then I've been PC gaming since 2001. But it was still mostly consoles for me. I'd sometimes go to internet cafes and play Counterstrike on their PCs. Then around 2005 I started getting into more serious gaming on PC by playing Runescape for about two years and I only stopped because I did all the free content and my parents wouldn't buy me a subscription. So that is when I turned to MapleStory. After getting to around lvl 70 in MapleStory I switched to Mabinogi and I fell in love with the game. The combat was fun and the story pulled me in. It was a very immersive game with a great community. Then I moved on to Vindictus since it was a prequel to Mabinogi and the action combat was fun. Aside from that I played other F2P games such as Exteel (RIP), Combat Arms, A.V.A, GunZ and Dragon Nest. I've also played a couple of games such as Supreme Commander, Titan Quest and Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa since they were in bargain bins at local 99 cents stores for under $10. I downloaded the Crysis demo and would play it all the time even though I had to play on low settings 800x600 at 23-28fps average. I'd play around in the Sandbox editor and imitate the stuff I saw on youtube like a thousand exploding barrels and crash my PC.

This was how I started getting more into PC gaming. My family was pretty poor growing up and games on consoles were too expensive so I usually only had one or two games to play most of the time and I'd have to save up at least 20 dollars and trade in two games to get another used game. I also had to pray that my friends and relatives had bought games I wanted to play so they could lend them to me.

2010 was when I'd say officially got into PC gaming. I was old enough to get a summer job so I saved up most of my money to build a gaming rig. Sure it was costly but seeing those Steam sales for the first time and playing games at 1080p 60fps max graphics instantly told me it was worth it. Plus I was into video and photo editing so I'd need a beefy PC anyway.

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#47 Posted by with_teeth26 (9559 posts) -

I started playing games on PC in the late 90's, started getting into it more seriously in 2004 when I got own PC and started upgrading it

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#48 Posted by sovkhan (1271 posts) -

80's with flightsim, Prince of Persian and many other...

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#50 Posted by TryIt (13157 posts) -
@warmblur said:

Just curious when did everybody start PC gaming I got hooked back in 2005. I wish I got into it earlier though I feel like PC golden age was the late 90's to 07. Then after Crysis we lost our AAA PC exclusives which sucks but PC gaming is still great.


true story.

and having PC gamed for that whole time I can tell you without question right now is the by far the best era in PC gaming.

Its all happening in the AA indies markets though