What year did you get into PC gaming?

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Oh man, back in the mid 90's. I remember playing the original Command and Conquer, then Starcraft, and Diablo. I even built a new pc to play Half-Life with windows 98SE. It was fun going to CompUSA to buy games and all kinds of stuff. I still have the Half-life launch party T-shirt that CompUSA gave out. Fun times.....

Did anybody ever play the text based star trek main frame game from the late 70's? It was fun as well as some adventure game I don't remember the name of.

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#153 Posted by johnnyenglish (6 posts) -

The first pc game i really played was Diablo 2 when it first came out in 2000.

I was hooked son!

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#154 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4702 posts) -

1987 on my cousin's Commodore 64.

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I was born in early 1989. I remember playing on the PC since I remember myself. Commander keen from the first one, dune 2, Falcon 3.0, team 17's forgotten racer Overdrive(which I knew as just "Over"), nascar racing, and some others I do not remember the names of. These are the earliest I remember.

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Dabbled in PC and console gaming from 1994-1996 (mostly over at friends consoles and PC's). I would officially say 1996 when my parents got our first PC. Started with shareware (you don't hear that anymore ;)) with games like Wolfenstein 3D, Hocus Pocus, Wacky Wheels, Rise of the Triad, Blake Stone. Then got full version games like Spear of Destiny, Raptor and later made the jump to 3D gaming with Duke Nukem 3D and Quake (which ironically was the year when both those games came out, the same year we got our first PC). Haven't looked back. Have consoles for games but it's mostly used as an entertainment system (ie to play Blu-ray Movies on my PS3).

@warmblur said:

Just curious when did everybody start PC gaming I got hooked back in 2005. I wish I got into it earlier though I feel like PC golden age was the late 90's to 07. Then after Crysis we lost our AAA PC exclusives which sucks but PC gaming is still great.

You got that right. That was the golden age. Essentially anything after that got "consolized". Still going through and playing those games from that era. Just shows how amazing those times were in the PC Gaming World.

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Well, I got into PC gaming in secondary school. Doom, Warcraft, Duke Nukem. A year or two before I graduated from school I started playing my first MMORPG Lineage 2. Thirteen years have passed and I'm still playing Lineage, now in its Classic version on Skelth (official European server).

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1993 I think

Playing Star Wars Rebel Assault with a flight stick at a buddies house blew my mind and I immediately started saving for a pc. Back then the visuals and cd quality audio really made me feel like I was IN the Star Wars universe. Ahhhh the good old days.

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It was either 1993 or early 1994. First pc was a desktop that my dad had a guy build for his work. Remember playing Microsoft flight simulator and Doom, Quake and Descent. Later played Star Craft and also remember hooking my friends computer up to mine and playing Command & Conquer Red Alert against each other and War Craft 2.

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It was a great journey. I first started off with MS Dos at that time I used to operate a Pentium MMX PC with windows 95 in it. At that time Lion king, POP, Doom2, Alan border cricket and crusader were the top games man. Then hercules, Aladdin, House of the dead, Virtual Cop showed up followed by Age of empires, Warcraft and Dx ball. Later on the whole system changed upgrade after upgrade Mafia, GTA and then finally in the 2007 I got stuck with COD, FIFA, DOTA and Counter Strike. It was a long journey I still play fifa and COD though. I am both a pc gamer and console.

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I always worked with computers so when I went home the last thing I wanted to do was sit down in front of another one so never bothered.

I was always a console gamer.

I had a pc I used at home for music, it was fairly old but did everything I needed it to so I kept it. Unfortunately back in 2015 it finally died and I was forced to buy another so planning to keep it a while I specced and built my own.

I think it was the fact it could actually manage games that I slowly began trying it out, I was slightly disappointed with my PS4 and it filled that gap.

Today I tend to buy all my games on it and only buy console exclusives these days.

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PC gaming is what I got into last! I was console all the way man through Halo 3 but then after that I went PC. From the beginning I thought all pc games were the worst and sucked but now they are the best! haha, I think of mouse FPS as a fine art with respect to the controller.

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I first played the knights of Legend on an Apple computer with external disk drives using 5 1/4 inch disks back in the late 80's.

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My first game was GTA and it was in 2010, but why do you ask, i mean what's the purpose?

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Are you curious?

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So it was in 2010 when i was 14

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And my first PC game was GTA

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@warmblur: i'd say early/mid 90's. I used to play the mega drive a lot, but when i had my first PC game, i used to play it a lot and over the years, PC games had more in it, more freedom and more entertainment, not to mention, you could actually save your data, on the mega drive, you couldn't, Later on in the late 90's/2000, it was between the playstation and PC. Today its still the same, but i did play more PC during the past few years

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90s with Windows 3.1. Had a lot of DOS games when I was young as my 1st game was probably Doom or Wolfenstein 3D

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Well, although I was playing some PC games (Doom, Beast Wars PC game, Halo: Combat Evolved, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, basic side scrollers, and flash type games), I never had a computer that really had power to play the more performance intensive games til 2010 when I got a Asus G72gx. Since then, I've done a valiant effort to keep up with every technological jump.

Currently though, I'm using a MSI GT72S fully loaded with a 980m to do my gaming. I truthfully bought it because MSI advertised that the damn laptop GPU was upgradeable and I was banking on that to buy a future generation GPU but came to find out that they lied. The 980m hasn't disappointed me yet so I'm keeping it for the time being but do plan on getting another laptop once (if) the 1100x GTX series get released OR if the current generation has a decent price drop....

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