What year did you get into PC gaming?

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#101 Posted by Random_Matt (3845 posts) -

90's, always on my uncles when I went around. My Dad gave me his Amstrad if that counts.

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#102 Posted by PernicioEnigma (6040 posts) -

I played a few PC games back in the mid/late 90s, then got a PS1 and from then till about 2009 I games mostly on console. I built a gaming PC around the end of 09 and it's been PC since then.

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#103 Posted by savorcygnus (6 posts) -

Around 1999, with Starcraft Broodwar. I think I played some games before that, but none like the custom games of Starcraft. So many sleepless nights with my friend just playing custom games as Matrix, Golem & Evolution. Good times.

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#104 Posted by gsdex (8 posts) -

@warmblur: I really haven't got hooked. But, I enjoy playing video games when I have time. I prefer games that are not so easy and are interesting.

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#105 Edited by pablo987 (2 posts) -

I am playing PC games from 2003. Road rash was the first game that I have played at first. Since then I played many games but the feelings of playing the first game are unforgettable. While writing this I can clearly remember that feeling.

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#107 Posted by AlexDeath (2 posts) -

Exactly PC gaming - at the beginning of 2007, cause I was fond of console gaming =)

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#108 Posted by Seaocean (17 posts) -

I got my first computer in 2003. And the first game I play was CS.

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#111 Posted by TheTwoFaceGuy (14 posts) -

I remember that day as if it was yesterday. If I'm not mistaken, the first PC game I ever played was AoE and it was a great beginning into this world. I was 10 or maybe 8 when this happened. Since then, I have never stopped. I have always been interested in Strategy games. I think I'll never regret to have entered into the world of PC gaming through the beautiful, amazing and complex doors of AoE.

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#113 Edited by johnstalker (7 posts) -

Back to 07' .... good times!

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#115 Edited by CrPops (8 posts) -

the year of Dota 2, i think

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#116 Posted by Projectdeadman1 (1 posts) -

I started in way back in the year 1998. I remember we used to key in some commands.

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#117 Posted by Gladestone1 (5695 posts) -

1987 some thing like that had a commodore vic 20 and 64 and a ibm back than, had a atari 2600 ..Ah before that i played the matel handheld games back than ..5, fun times back when boxes where huge, an actually came with cool goodies..Ultima had some sweet ones, ah an the old cloth maps..Plus you can print out your hot keys on the keyboard..

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#118 Posted by Viktorija_Levi (11 posts) -

Prince of Persia ...around 92' and 93' :D

good memories

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#119 Edited by dmagnusson (51 posts) -

I personaly got into computer gaming with a MAC Plus ´when i was 11 years old...

My first games on PC though when i was 15 was Panzer General 1, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert1, C&C 1 and so on....

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#121 Posted by ivaturk (64 posts) -


Yeah that aces game was ok. I used to play what I found to be a better one in Air Warrior. You would fly missions over Europe in a B17 bomber, bombing coastal targets in France, and then moving on to Germany and bombing Berlin, all the while fighting off fighters and avoiding flak. I used to spend hours playing it, days (weeks) even. I loved every minute of it. If GOG ever remake that game like they have with a lot of other older games then it's going to be a case of goodbye wife, I'm going to be busy for a couple of months. Panzer Elite Action was another great game.

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#122 Posted by ivaturk (64 posts) -

Well here's something that I have been finding lately, when do you stop gaming? I am getting people saying to me, oh are you still doing that, as if it's something that I should have stopped doing years ago. I have been gaming since the late 90s. Of course I was a lot younger then, now I'm 58 and still doing it, and to tell the truth I really never though about when I would ever stop playing games, well up until recently because of the remarks from people about it. My reply to most people is that I would rather be doing what I'm doing than what your doing, ie watching reality crap on TV like all those god awful talent shows, and never ending cooking programs. You couldn't pay me to watch them.

Thank god for the pc, and NVIDIA of course.

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#123 Posted by Collecian (266 posts) -


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#124 Posted by Vaidream45 (1767 posts) -


Star Wars Rebel Assault came out and I had to play it. Been a pc gamer since along with consoles.

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#125 Posted by Mandzilla (3818 posts) -

The first PC game I can remember buying was Rome: Total war from Blockbuster. I didn't really understand system requirements back then, but luckily they let me return it.

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#126 Posted by dmagnusson (51 posts) -

1996 as a christmus present , my first computer was a Mac PLUS...
The old times

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#127 Edited by dutchy_bruz (39 posts) -

1993 or 4'ish I started playing on a PC however my dad had a commodore64 and Atari when I was born I remember the 1st few games I played on the PC were wing commander privateer, shadow caster and Wolfenstein 3d still have fond memories of playing these.

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#128 Posted by kwuiz (6 posts) -

I originally got into PC gaming around 2010-2011 and started with RuneScape, moved onto Minecraft and then after that downloaded Steam and got into Arma, CSGO, Rust and others.

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#130 Posted by Litchie (23495 posts) -

Mid 90's.

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#131 Posted by dzimm (5309 posts) -

I got into PC gaming around 1985 with the Commodore 64. That's what all the cool kids owned. :)

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#132 Posted by TryIt (13157 posts) -

@warmblur said:

Just curious when did everybody start PC gaming I got hooked back in 2005. I wish I got into it earlier though I feel like PC golden age was the late 90's to 07. Then after Crysis we lost our AAA PC exclusives which sucks but PC gaming is still great.

1980 I think it was, Commodore Vic 20

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#133 Posted by drpeppercan (6 posts) -

Around 1995

I think it was a game from Bungie. I do not recall the name, I think it was only for the Mac. You bet I was envious of my room mate when I saw him playing that Doom demo for the first time! Wow, was that memorable or what?!!! Mind blowing!

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#134 Posted by attirex (1554 posts) -

Approx 1802, a game called "Dr. Houston's Lively World" via steam-powered illustration motion calliope machine.

I win.

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#136 Posted by sam890 (1112 posts) -

2005 good ole' Guild Wars days.

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#138 Posted by Paradocs (259 posts) -

2013, I didn't build my own rig until 2016, though. lol

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#139 Posted by VagrantSnow (226 posts) -

For windows I want to say about 2001-2002. Was playing a lot of Counterstrike and C&C Renegade around that time. First PC I had was a Commodore 64 back in the early 90s or something.

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#140 Edited by RiverboatRon (71 posts) -

I built my first gaming PC in 2016 and upgraded the graphics card this year in 2018

before that, just consoles. A lot of different consoles.

I used some PCs too but they were never capable enough to play anything besides the most basic of games like solitaire and minesweeper. I did have a friend in elementary school that had a PC that could play console quality games

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#141 Posted by Antarte (332 posts) -

I've started strong in gaming in the era in which games came in full color, the 2000s more or less: Baldur's Gate, Diablo 2, Age of Empires, Heroes 3, Counter, Starcraft...

I had the immense luck of have been on PC all of my life, started with my parent's PC, today I have all my all time favorite games since I've born at few clicks in my best device, updated with mods and knowing will be playable forever.

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#142 Posted by PcGamingRig (7386 posts) -

I would say mid 2000s in terms of when I actively bought my own games an upgraded my PC. However, there has been a PC in my family for ages, since Windows 95, and I use to play The Sims on and off and other games, while mostly playing consoles. I remember playing the old Batman Acclaim game, Soldier of Fortune, Rollercoaster Tycoon and other games in the late 90s and early 2000s.

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#143 Posted by Jd1680a (5960 posts) -

I've been playing pc games since 1991 or so on a 286 back in the day. I got into pc gaming more seriously in 2003 after I got morrowind.

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#144 Posted by djc_luv (1 posts) -

When I started in pc games when I was 9 years old. haha..lol... I remember when I hated my father because he's more addicted to it than us hahah.

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#145 Edited by couly (6250 posts) -

Not sure if it counts as a PC but I had an Atari 800XL in 1984 and a Commodore 64. I then switched to an Atari 520ST before moving to a PS1 and eventually back to PC in 2003 and haven't had a console since.

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#146 Posted by kweeni (11392 posts) -

Somewhere in the early 2000, don't remember the exact year.

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#147 Edited by mrbojangles25 (43569 posts) -

Hmmm early- or mid-90's?

My mom went back to college when I was little, and we had to get a computer. That had some real basic games on; Chip's Challenge, the worm game where you chase the apples and try not to eat your body, original Tetris, and so on. I think it was Windows 4.1...

Then for whatever reason we got this package and it was this weird CD-ROM combo box that came with a bunch of Lucasarts titles; Monkey Island, Loom, Secrets Weapons of the Luftwaffe (that started my love for sims!), and a few others. I Think this is where my love for gaming really kicked into high gear, and I couldn't have been out of elementary school so yeah definitely early 90's.

I definitely remember using 5.25" floppies (you know, that are actually floppy), watching the internet go from a luxury to common to almost a necessary utility, seeing an optical disc (CD-ROM) for the first time, the evolution of Windows, creating boot discs for games, using DOS (actual DOS), and so forth. And let me tell you: I had a lot of fun in my youth, but gaming is better now than it ever has been. There's a lot more shit, granted, but there are a lot more great things as well.

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#149 Posted by AlexKidd5000 (2928 posts) -

I got into PC gaming in 2002 or so, I was a hardcore console gamer before that, but as soon as I got a taste of PC gaming, I've never gone back. I had dabbled in it before that, but it was when I got my first gaming capable PC with a GeForce4 Ti 4200, 512MB RAM, and an Athlon XP 1700+, wish I still had that.

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#150 Posted by SharkReaper (7 posts) -

@warmblur: Well I don't know if you count CD-ROM games like Zoombini's and Lego Island 2, but if not, probably around 2007 with Battlefront II.