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Wrestle Buddies: GameSpot’s Wrestling Podcast Celebrating WWE, AEW, And More

For all the best and weirdest wrestling topics, spanning WWE, AEW, and Impact, GameSpot's wrestling podcast Wrestle Buddies is here for you.


Wait, you're not caught up on Wrestle Buddies, GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast? That seems impossible. How do you get through your day without hearing GameSpot Entertainment's Mat Elfring and Chris E. Hayner discuss the most important topics in wrestling history--or, at least, the topics they think are important. From Hulk Hogan's failed pasta restaurant to the time John Cena beat up Kevin Federline, we're talking about practically everything. Wrestle Buddies doesn't end there, though.

We also interview the biggest stars from WWE, AEW, Impact, and Ring of Honor and every month offer up our predictions on what's going to happen at WWE's monthly pay-per-views. That's not enough? We also look back on the best and worst things from a plethora of wrestling topics, from video games to factions, determining what is truly wrestling's greatest of all time (Hint: It's Gangrel).

If you're looking for a weekly recap of what's happening on professional wrestling, this isn't the show for you. However, if you want a celebration of the best, worst, and goofiest this magnificent industry has to offer, you've come to the right place. We may not care about who won or lost on Raw this week, but we certainly care too much about the time Robocop invaded WCW.

You can take a look at all of our full-length episodes and mini bonus installments below.

New episodes of Wrestle Buddies are released every Thursday on the podcast platform or app of your choice, including Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts. You can also keep up to date with the podcast by following it on Twitter @WrestleBuddies.

Full Wrestle Buddies Episodes:

We're back and we're having some drinks! This week on the show, Mat and Chris are sampling and reviewing WWE's new line of wines. No, we aren't wine snobs, but we're definitely wrestling snobs who have many thoughts about what Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior's wines should be like. Then, we take a look at the other wrestling-themes alcohol options you can buy--including Steve Austin's IPA, which Chris doesn't love.

WWE and Mattel have cooked up some pretty cool exclusives for this year's San Diego Comic-Con and, of course, Chris and Mat just have to talk about them. Why? Because they're nerds. And because the Sgt. Slaughter one is so cool. We also discuss what seeing wrestling with live crowds is like after all this time.

This week on Wrestle Buddiesm Chris and Mat (and Predictionbot 3000) figure out the winners and losers of the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view. We also speculate about a possible return of Becky Lynch, which needs to happen.

We all love Impact Wrestling, right? Well, it didn't start so great. This week, we go back to 2002 and watch the first-ever episode of TNA Wrestling, back when it was a weekly pay preview. Get ready for bad gimmicks, so much Jeff Jarrett, and a heel R-Truth.

WWE did another round of roster cuts with some of our favorite being released from the company. It seems only fitting that Mat and Chris (and Predictionbot 3000) talk about those who were released and spend a long time explaining the greatness of Tyler Breeze.

This week, we talk about the best and weirdest match ever, Invisible Man vs. Invisible Stan in GCW. That's right, two invisible people. Get ready for a discussion that jumps around the entire wrestling industry, though, because we have a lot to say about the best and worst wrestling around. Special guest: DC Comics' Joshua Williamson

It's time for the most devious, diabolical, destructive structure in WWE history. Who's ready for Hell in a Cell? The bright red cage is back and this week Mat and Chris have some predictions for how the show will be going down.

From The Rock and John Cena to Hulk Hogan and Jesse "The Body" Ventura, many pro wrestlers have attempted to transition to movies. Unfortunately, it hasn't exactly worked out for most of them. Let's take a look at the best and worst of the bunch!

This week, we have a bit of fun with the weirdest and worst WWE merchandise of all time. From the truly strange Daniel Bryan's beard hat to a John Cena nutcracker that, honestly, looks like the kind of thing that haunts your dreams, we cover it all. We also want to buy most of it.

This week, AEW executive vice president and star Cody Rhodes joins us to preview his match against Anthony Ogogo at Double or Nothing. We also talk about going on the road again, resurrecting the moniker "American Dream," his proudest achievements in wrestling, and becoming a dad. AEW Double or Nothing airs live on Pay-Per-View Sunday, May 25. Special guest: AEW's Cody Rhodes

In 2006, questionable decision-maker and former mall pasta kiosk magnate Hulk Hogan released his knock-off George Foreman grill. In 2021, we bought one. This is our story.

This week, we celebrate one year of the podcast with returning Wrestle Buddy Keisha Hatchett, a bunch of memories, a special Gangrel Watch, and one very bizarre promo. Special guests: TVLine's Keisha Hatchett & GameSpot's Michael Rougeau

Here it is, our 52nd regular episode! That's a full year of Wrestle Buddies nonsense and we aren't slowing down anytime soon. This week, we look back on the truly bizarre WWE storyline in which Vince McMahon had an illegitimate child--and it was a leprechaun. Also, Mat and Chris go through their favorite (and least favorite) finishing moves in wrestling. Get ready to hear some serious hate for The Worm.

This week, we look at the talent released by WWE last week, where we think they might go next, and gush about Bo Dallas quite a bit. Then, to celebrate the release of the new Mortal Kombat movie, we look back on the time WCW ripped off Mortal Kombat. Glacier was like if Sub-Zero was a bad wrestler that superkicked everyone.

Every now and then, there's a professional wrestling feud so bad that most wish it would be stricken from the records. This week, we're talking about the Katie Vick angle, in which WWE Champion Triple H revealed Kane accidentally killed his girlfriend in high school, even though it's hard to imagine Kane having a girlfriend in high school. Don't worry, this storyline gets much worse and grotesque from there. We're also joined by two guests that seem to show up whether invited or not, the Smackdown Hacker and PredictionBot 3000.

Wrestlemania week is here and we're kicking things off with a full episode of predictions. After all, the biggest show of the year is actually two shows once again and there are so many matches to dig through. What will be the best match? How good is the overall card? Why does Mat have a robot that loves wrestling? These are all things we're covering this week.

This week, Mat and Chris can see the future! Well, they can predict the future. As total wrestling video game nerds, we look ahead at the next couple of years of video game titles from WWE and AEW, as well as a couple of very exciting independent games. Did you know WrestleFest has an official sequel? It does, even if we're not sure how it's official! Plus, we blaze through a bunch of listener questions and have an intense discussion about hot dogs.

This week we look back on the most important feud in modern pro wrestling history. We are, of course, talking about John Cena vs. K-Fed. That's right, remember when the WWE Champion fought Britney Spears' husband? It happened and we're obsessed with it. Plus we introduce a new segment. Are you ready for Pitchfest 2000?

Be a man, Hogan! Because this week we're breaking down "Macho Man" Randy Savage's rap album. You haven't heard it? You're so lucky, you coward. Get ready for a lot of talk about his Hulk Hogan diss track and us doing impressions. We're also revisiting Mankind's WWE debut and the career is evolved into.

This week, we look back at the finger poke heard around the world. Remember when Hulk Hogan won the WCW title (again) by simply tapping on Kevin Nash? The whole thing is far weirder than you remember and we're going into detail. Then, it's WBF time as we look back at the strange history of Vince McMahon's bodybuilding venture, the World Bodybuilding Federation. From the creation of "bodystars" to the time the bodybuilders fought WWE wrestlers on an episode of Family Feud, there's a lot to dig through.

It was us, Austin! It was us all along! This week, we're revisiting the time Vince McMahon's most nefarious enemy was revealed to be...Vince McMahon. No, seriously. He did it because "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was a bully. We also look back on one of the weirdest and worst matches in latter-day WCW, the "Human Torch" match between Sting and Vampiro (and the Sting stuntman). No, this had nothing to do with the Fantastic Four.

This week, Mat and Chris have their eyes set on Wrestlemania. With the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber behind us, we take a look at what the "road to Wrestlemania" actually is and whether or not it means anything. Then, we discuss what this year's Wrestlemania weekend will be like, from WWE's offerings to a long list of independent wrestling shows scheduled around the big event. This year's Wrestlemania, like last year's, is going to be incredibly unique and we're curious as to what it will look like.

This week, we welcome TV Guide senior editor Megan Vick to talk about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's new TV series Young Rock. What was The Rock's life like growing up? Turns out, it was pretty wild. Then, Young Rock star Joseph Lee Anderson stops by to talk about playing The Great One's dad Rocky Johnson and training with Chavo Guerrero. Special guests: Young Rock's Joseph Lee Anderson & TV Guide's Megan Vick

This week, we reveal our professional wrestling predictions for 2021. Who will main event Wrestlemania? Will NXT invade Survivor Series again? Will WWE be sold? We talk about it all. Then, a new segment debuts, in which Mat and Chris celebrate the greatness of Bo Dallas and look back on one of his finest moments.

This week, Mat has completed his ridiculous project of rewatching every episode of Raw and every pay-per-view WWE presented in 1995. Come along on the journey with us as he breaks down the highs, the lows, and the Man Mountain Rock.

This week, Mat and Chris are having too much fun talking about the D-Generation X "invasion" of WCW during the Attitude Era. Yes, revisionist wants you to believe they did it in a tank, but that's just not the case. Then, the Smackdown Hacker breaks into the show again to declare himself for the Royal Rumble, even though he doesn't seem to know what that entails.

This week, Mat and Chris welcome All Elite Wrestling star Scorpio Sky and Jason Willems from FunHaus to talk about their new podcast, Wrestling with the Week (Out now!), and very important topics like wrestling, video games, and a love of 90 Day Fiancé. Mat and Chris also look back at the late-'90s "Man's Man" gimmick that William Regal was saddled with for some reason. At the very least, it proved that drinking orange juice is manly. Special Guests: AEW's Scorpio Sky & FunHaus's Jason Willems

This week, Mat and Chris head revisit SummerSlam 2005 to watch Shawn Michaels oversell every single move Hulk Hogan throws at him during their match. It's truly one of the most bizarre WWE bouts of all time and--dare we say it--Hogan's best match ever. We also take a look at The New Day's WWE debut in the new segment First Impressions. Back then, they weren't the pancake-throwing, trombone-playing meme machines you know and love now.

This week, we break the normal format to talk about the late Jon Huber, who you know best as Mr. Brodie Lee in AEW and Luke Harper in WWE.

This week, we welcome back Keisha Hatchett for the final episode of 2020. It's the Wrestle Buddies Awards! That's right, you've waited all year for it and it's finally time for the Buddiesies. We have lots of trophies to give out, so hopefully, you're ready for an award more prestigious than the Slammys and the WWE Hall of Fame put together. Oh, and Mat plays with WWF Bungeez again because he's truly committed to the bit.

This week, Mat and Chris found the absolute worst toy WWE ever released, just in time for the holidays. Do you remember WWF Bungeez? It's like what if Pogs met magnets met severed heads and it's wonderfully bad. Of course, we had to buy and play with it. You're also in luck, as this episode contains the final Wrestlepiece Theatre of 2020 as the stars of GameSpot After Dark join forces with the hosts of We Enjoy Wrestling to recreate an iconic Attitude Era promo.

This week, Mat takes us back to when Kane unmasked and, because he had nothing else to do, began feuding with the Attitude Era version of himself. Yes, it was weird. Then Chris spends a lot of time talking about Impact Wrestling's absolute worst faction ever, Sports Entertainment Xtreme. Yes, the acronym is SEX. Yes, Vince Russo is at fault.

This week, Mat and Chris look at Kenny Omega's All Elite Wrestling world championship win and AEW's new partnership with Impact Wrestling. Will it lead to dream matches, even if Omega's first Impact appearance wasn't that interesting? We also look at the current Being the Elite product and the rise of Dark Order's John Silver in our hearts and minds.

Mini Episodes & Interviews:

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