The Origin Of AEW, Revisiting WWF New York, And More | Wrestle Buddies Episode 5

On this week's Wrestle Buddies, we go back to the late '90s to visit WWF New York, trace the roots of All Elite Wrestling all the way back to Japan, and much more.


This week on Wrestle Buddies, GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast, Chris E. Hayner and Mat Elfring have a lot to discuss, none of which is about Robocop. What's more, they welcome a guest that's not a wrestling fan for a new segment.

First up, it's time for a history lesson as Mat and Chris trace the roots of All Elite Wrestling. Starting with New Japan Pro Wrestling and the Bullet Club, we revisit the dawn of Being The Elite and discuss how it evolved into its own major wrestling company.

Next, we look back at the time WWF had its own restaurant in New York City's Times Square. WWF New York was more than a place to eat a sandwich, it was an experience. Complete with a nightclub, merchandise store, and video game arcade, the entertainment complex had everything and somehow only lasted a few years.

Then, Mat and Chris discuss what being a wrestling fan is like during a pandemic and how it's changed not only WWE and AEW's product but how fans react to it and digest it. Lastly, GameSpot's managing editor of entertainment Michael Rougeau--who doesn't consider himself a fan of pro wrestling--stops by and is given two minutes to say anything he wants about sports entertainment.

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