The Rise Of WWE's Goodfather, The Worst Wrestling Games Ever, And More | Wrestle Buddies Episode 4

On this episode of Wrestle Buddies, Mat, Chris, and special guest Greg Thomas revisit Right to Censor in WWE and the debut of the Goodfather, plus so much more.


This week on Wrestle Buddies, GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast, Chris E. Hayner and Mat Elfring have a wide range of topics to cover. They also welcome colleague and honorary Wrestle Buddy Greg Thomas for the entire episode.

First up, Mat, Chris, and Greg remember their first live wrestling experiences. For Chris and Greg, they are incredible memories that helped shape who they are as fans of sports entertainment. Mat, however, wound up at a terrible WCW pay-per-view, which explains so much.

Next, the trio breaks down the worst wrestling video games of all time. From poorly made ports of WWE games to some truly horrific WCW entries, there's a lot of bad video game options we go over. Honestly, though, even the terrible games can be fun sometimes.

Lastly, the Goodfather finally gets his due. Mat, Chris, and Greg look back on the latter Attitude Era stable Right to Censor and how they made king of the pimps the Godfather turn his back on his ways and start wearing a tie. If you somehow weren't watching wrestling while the RTC was a thing, you missed out on some truly funny moments.

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