AEW's Kenny Omega Makes Quite The Impact | Wrestle Buddies Episode 32

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This week on Wrestle Buddies, GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast, Chris E. Hayner and Mat Elfring are discussing the AEW/Impact crossover from the past week. Additionally, they're looking at the BTE Championship and answering your questions.

First up, with Kenny Omega's recent AEW Championship win, he made the announcement he would be on Impact wrestling. Chris and Mat discuss Omega's appearance on Impact wrestling and what that means for both promotions. Does this help AEW at all? Where will this relationship go in the future? We may not have all the answers, but we certainly do have opinions.

Later, the guys go back to one of their favorite YouTube shows, Being The Elite, to talk about the BTE Championship, a wrestling title which involves no wrestling at all. In order to win the title--whose current champion is Dark Order member John Silver--you need to compete in games like "flipping a bottle" or "eating a really spicy chip."

All that, plus we answer your questions. New episodes of Wrestle Buddies are released every Thursday on the podcast platform or app of your choice, including Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts. You can also keep up to date with the podcast by following it on Twitter.

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