Overwatch's New Character Teased Again

This one builds on the previous tease involving a young scientist and her flight.


Update: The scene below has now been recreated in-game on PTR servers.

Following up on an apparent tease of Overwatch's new character from earlier this week, Blizzard has now provided another hint of who or what it might be.

Whereas the first tease was an in-world interview with a character, this is a tweet and image from an in-world news station about an incident at an airport. "OR15 defense units destroyed in confrontation with unidentified assailant at Numbani airport," it reads. "No civilian casualties reported."

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In the upper right, you'll see the shadow of an odd-looking thing--possibly cocoons or something of the sort. Whether that's a detail relevant to the identity of the character remains to be seen; it may be another piece of the puzzle or something to throw fans off. [Update note: it appears these are merely lights.]

This new tease tracks with what we've already seen. The aforementioned interview was with an 11-year-old scientist who ominously suggests she has plans for a grant she received. She also notes she's about to take her first trip on a plane. Subsequently, players discovered that an in-game airport arrivals board had been changed. If you look closely, it looks to be the same board as the one in the new teaser image.

We don't know when Blizzard plans to formally reveal Overwatch's next character, but we do know it's at work on more than one. Game director Jeff Kaplan has said the upcoming addition is "not who you think it is," a possible reference to Doomfist. During a presentation this week that appeared to reveal an early concept for a spider-esque character, he again said that this was "not the hero who you think it is."

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