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Terry Crews' Campaign To Voice Overwatch's Doomfist Continues With A Fake Audition

What's it going to take, Blizzard?


There have been rumors for some time that a character named Doomfist will eventually be made playable in Overwatch. Actor and professional Intense Man Terry Crews has repeatedly expressed interest in voicing the role, and he's now gone so far as to partake in a mock audition for the part.

In the video below from Yahoo Esports, various Overwatch cinematic clips are interspersed with Crews voicing Doomfist lines. He possesses the admirable ability to sell otherwise ridiculous-sounding dialogue. Check it out:

Crews, who's best known for his roles in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and a line of Old Spice ads, hasn't hidden his interest in playing Doomfist. He's even visited Blizzard headquarters and gotten the support of The Rock, so odds are that the development team is aware. There's been no official word about the role being offered to him.

Overwatch is currently in the midst of a Lunar New Year event. Like past events, it has a special Loot Box with new items--see all the skins here--that are only available for a limited time. We don't yet know what's next for the game, but Bastion changes are on the way. Mouse-and-keyboard controls on console probably are not.

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