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The Overwatch Character Teases Continue In-Game

Change is afoot on Numbani.


Blizzard continues to tease Overwatch's new character, this time by updating the public test realm version of the game.

There appear to be at least two significant changes to the Numbani map. The first comes in the spawn room for the attacking team. There, you can see the aftermath of the attack that was covered in a faux news report Blizzard shared earlier today.

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Elsewhere on the map, the payload cart has been updated to reflect changes that were first discovered by dataminers earlier this month. The glass containing Doomfist's gauntlet has been smashed, with nothing left inside. We've verified this on the PTR for ourselves, and you can see some images of the two scenes in the gallery above.

The speculation for some time now has been that Doomfist would be the game's next playable character. Director Jeff Kaplan appeared to pour cold water on that theory recently when he said the character is "not who you think it is."

Blizzard began rolling out a new series of teases for the new character this week. The first was an in-world interview with an 11-year-old scientist, who may be the creator of whatever the character ends up being. That was followed by an update to the in-game arrivals board on Numbani, which in turn led to today's developments.

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