A New Overwatch Character Is Coming, More Clues Found

Changes to the arrivals board on the Numbani map lend credence to Efi theories.


In a blog post released on Tuesday, Blizzard shared some lore about a character from the Overwatch universe who may or may not be the new playable character being added to the game.

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Toward the end of the blog post, styled as a fictional Atlas News interview with young scientist Efi Oladele, she is heard to say "my parents are taking me on a trip to celebrate! It'll be my first time flying, so I can't wait."

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This led players to take a closer look at the arrivals board present in one of the spawn locations on the game's Numbani map, the city Efi apparently hails from.

Pre-change Numbani arrivals board, via PVP Live.
Pre-change Numbani arrivals board, via PVP Live.

According to a report over at PVP Live, a number of changes are present on the board since the Efi blog post was released.

Updated Numbani arrivals board, PVP Live.
Updated Numbani arrivals board, PVP Live.
  • The flight from Moscow has been Cancelled.
  • The Delayed flight from Paris is now On Time.
  • The Delayed Tokyo flight has been changed to Hanamura and is now On Time.
  • London's 4:00 AM flight has been changed to Singapore.
  • Mexico City has been changed to Dorado.
  • The New York flight is no longer Delayed.
  • Cairo has been changed to Taipei
  • Los Angeles has changed to Sydney.
  • London's 6:30 AM Delayed flight has been removed and changed to an On Time flight from King's Row.

But what do these changes mean? It's unclear at this stage. The arrivals board is in Numbani--Efi's home--meaning these flights are incoming to the city. The fact that Efi refers to taking a flight somewhere--her first flight--means that the changes on the board have no bearing on her specific plane. Or does it? Perhaps we're to learn that a character based in one of the incoming locations has flown to Numbani? Will something happen to Efi's flight? Is Blizzard really going to make an 11-year-old a playable character in a first-person-shooter?

What is that mysterious four-legged tank?
What is that mysterious four-legged tank?

One of the leading theories is that the many references to Efi's proficiency with robotics will ultimately result in the four-legged spider tank--featured in the background of Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan's DICE summit--becoming the next playable character.

Share your theories for who--or what--the next Overwatch character might be in the comments!

In other Overwatch news, Kaplan also revealed during his DICE summit that the Dorado map was accidently based on the wrong country, a brace of new Funko Pop figures are coming in April, and Overwatch developer and publisher Activision Blizzard came in at No. 3 on Fortune's Worlds Most Admired Companies for 2017.

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