Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Guide: Part 15

Shrine of Amana, Undead Crypt, Peculiar Kindalur (Invader), Demon of Song (Boss), Nameless Usurper (Returning Invader)


Dark Souls II


The Shrine of Amana is more lethal and soul-crushing than any boss fight in this game, especially if you’re using a “glass cannon” like a sorcerer. If you don’t have fortified shields, be ready to spend a couple hours thinning out the Shrine of its mages. These spellcasters do not mess around with their magic spear attacks, which can lock on to you well before you can lock on to any opponent. Patience and luring enemies to one-on-one encounters will reward you with several levels worth of souls.

When you’ve reached the bonfire known as Rhoy’s Resting Place, be ready for one of the more challenging Invaders of Dark Souls II, the Peculiar Kindalur. Before triggering the Invader’s appearance, you’ll need to fight your way through a number of Acid Horn Beetles, a Giant Acid Horn Beetle, a couple Amana Shrine Maidens, and some Lizardmen. When the game notifies you of the Invader, be ready to position yourself near some obstacles, because the Kindalur is as skilled with ranged magic attacks as any of the maidens and clerics you’ve faced in this area. You can try to lure him down the narrow passage back to the bonfire cave, but be mindful that you’re both equally vulnerable to each other’s ranged attacks. Melee players should be at their most assertive, dodging the spells with forward rolls that will position you behind the Kindalur.


If you’re the type of ranged attacker who starts firing the moment you pass through the mist portal, do not go trigger happy when starting your battle against the Demon of Song in the Shrine of Amana. That’s because this giant frog spends much of the fight thoroughly shielded. The trick is to wait until it removes its face shield, exposing the face of a creepy old man.

Your focus should be to exploit the demon’s poor reach. You can get a lot of hits in when he’s simply slamming his hands at the water. You can then attack him straight on with ranged attacks or by shifting to its side for melee attacks. The Demon of Song is notably lethal when it remembers to use it hind legs for more powerful and far-reaching attacks. These come in the form of the Vertical Takeoff and the Panzer Press. While these moves can have fatal results, they are easy to dodge if you can spot the early signs of these attacks, specifically when the demon is using its hind legs.


After the mage-infested ordeal that was the Shrine of Amana, the next area--the Undead Crypt--can feel like a near cakewalk. That says something because this crypt is one of the scariest areas of Dark Souls II, much thanks to the pervasive darkness, the zombies, and the ominous bells that summon floating Leydia Pyromancers.

After you’ve reached the second bonfire of the Undead Crypt (known as Undead Ditch), further exploration will trigger the surprise return of the Nameless Usurper. He’s no harder or easier than before, though we did notice this one likes to wield his dagger with two hands. This Invader also likes a good chase and is willing to pursue you throughout the entire crypt, even to bonfire rooms. That said, it’s not hard to confuse it by leading it into a group of tombstones and making him an easy target.

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Part 13: Brightstone Cove Tseldora, Prowling Magus (Boss), The Porcine Peasant (Invader), The Duke's Dear Freja (Boss), The Lost Sinner

Part 14: Shrine of Winter, Drangleic Castle, Nameless Usurper (Invader), Dual Dragonriders (Boss), Looking Glass Knight (Boss)

Part 15: Shrine of Amana, Undead Crypt, Peculiar Kindalur (Invader), Demon of Song (Boss), Nameless Usurper (Returning Invader)

Part 16: Aldia's Keep, Velstadt, The Royal Aegis (Boss), Aslatiel of Mirrah (Invader), Guardian Dragon (Boss)

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Part 19: Throne Watcher and Throne Defender (Boss), Nashandra (Final Boss)

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