Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Guide: Part 4

The Lost Bastille, Ruin Sentinels (Boss), Sinner's Rise


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Much like the Forest of the Fallen Giants, the Lost Bastille is another decaying castle. Its crumbled walkways offer many opportunities to fall to your death, so watch your step. This castle is also the where you’ll find the hardest bosses up to this point, the Ruin Sentinels.

This battle follows the adage of strength in numbers. Unfortunately, the numbers are on the enemy side. There are three Sentinels you have to worry about, and one will be greeting you with a painful blow two seconds after you cross the misty portal into this fight. Unless you have an attack that can interrupt a foe’s animation, you’re way better off dodging as your first move in this fight. They’re using long weapons, so your best bet in dodging actually involves rolling toward the enemy. You also start this fight on a small platform against one Sentinel. The trick is to not fall off the platform so you can focus on this one foe without drawing the attention of the other two. They have a number of single and double slashes, both horizontal and vertical in motion, and they’re all avoidable with dodge rolls into the direction of the enemy. One of the more lethal moves is a spinning attack, which is most often triggered when you’re too far. The other dangerous move is a shield throw. When it connects, it’s lethal but the good news is that the shields get stuck in the wall after they’re thrown, making the target more exposed.

We also strongly recommend you enlist the help of a phantom, which you can summon in one of the tiny rooms in the hallway leading up to this boss fight. Again, this is a Dark Souls game, so study the Sentinels’ attacks as a Hollowed and use the Human Effigy once you think you’re ready. While fighting on the small platform, try to distance yourself from the phantom in the hopes of using it as bait for the Sentinel. There’s a good chance that the Sentinel will fall off the platform, and while it has the ability to jump back to your level, you can still give it four to five shots of your ranged attack of choice. Note that this jump include an attack so be ready to block or get out of the way.

With any luck, you and the phantom will be able to dispatch the first Sentinel, and hopefully you’re still on the platform. Your next move is to look at the bottom floor and reactivate your lock-on to spot the next Sentinel, who’ll eventually jump up on the platform unless your phantom drops down. If the phantom does drop down, his role as bait will be even more valuable, as you’ll be able to deal a lot of ranged attacks uninterrupted. This is of course on the condition that the third Sentinel hasn’t developed an interest in you. If you do fall off (be ready to lose some health from the fall), and your phantom has been vanquished, try to lure both Sentinels in your field of view so that you know where their attacks are coming from.

Ideally, your phantom will live long enough to help you dispatch the first two Sentinels. This will most likely result in a one-on-one duel between you and the last Sentinel. Again, its long weapon attack is easy to dodge if you roll toward the Sentinel, often leaving it open from behind.


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Defeating the Sentinels opens up paths to two new areas, Sinner’s Rise and Belfry Luna. While the boss at Sinner’s Rise should not be dealt with until you’re at Level 100, you can take advantage of the area’s lesser enemies for some very effective leveling. You can accumulate as much as 8,000 souls before you need to respawn enemies using the bonfire.

This video shows how to get there as well as a sneaky method for defeating the Enhanced Undead. Their bulky size is matched by their blunt force attacks, whether by body slam or a whip attack. By raising the elevator in Sinner’s Rise (without boarding it), you can expose a water pit that can drown the Enhanced Undead. The trick is to lure it into the pit and the most reliable way to do that is to coax the enemy into using its spin attack. By now you should also have come across the Undead Citizens, who have powerful melee skills and suicide attacks. Sinner’s Rise has a number of them, so be ready to keep your distance.

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