Cool Custom Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Look Like Poke Balls

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Despite its relatively short time on the market, there has been no shortage of impressive custom Nintendo Switch designs. Now, one enterprising Pokemon fan has customized the system's Joy-Cons to resemble one of the series' most iconic items.

On Reddit, user BostianALX shared images of their custom Joy-Cons, which have been painted red-and-white to look like Poke Balls. Bostian outlined the process that was taken to paint the controllers on the image-sharing website Imgur. We've shared some of the photos below, but you can find the full post here.

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Aside from the standard grey and neon red and blue variants, Nintendo has offered very few official Joy-Con colors; a set of yellow controllers was released alongside Arms, while neon green and pink versions accompanied Splatoon 2 (though the latter aren't currently available to purchase in the US). Fans, however, have created some beautiful custom Switch designs. One user known as Clown TV designed a Switch skin that resembles the Super Famicom. The game controller company ColorWare, meanwhile, released a pair of specially painted Joy-Cons that look like NES controllers, which fans can order from its website. Those customized controllers, however, run for $200.

The first Pokemon title arriving on Switch is Pokken Tournament DX, a deluxe port of the Wii U fighting game. The title launches on September 22, and alongside it, Hori is releasing a special Pokken Tournament Pro Pad controller. A "core" Pokemon RPG is also in development for the console, though that will not arrive until "2018 or later" according to Nintendo's release calendar.

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