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NES-Style Switch Joy-Cons Look Sick, But Will Set You Back $200

Almost too drool-worthy to pass up.


Hopping on the retro gaming craze, custom game controller company ColorWare has released a set of specially painted Joy-Cons that will throw your Switch back to 1985. Here's the catch--these NES-style Joy-Cons are $200.

ColorWare controllers are made from the original manufacturer's controllers, disassembled by hand, then painted, so you can expect all of the functions of the standard controllers to feel and preform the same way. This Joy-Con duo is no different, featuring the same accelerometers, gyro sensors, and buttons the standard Switch Joy-Cons do. This set also comes with matching wrist straps.

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But, these customs will cost you $120 more than the standard Joy-Cons do, and take three weeks to ship. It's not to say that Nintendo's own Joy-Cons aren't cool in their own right launching with vibrant red and blue colors, and recently bright yellow with the launch of fighting game Arms.

Only the first 25 units have numbers of authenticity. This model, like other retro-themed controllers, consoles, and accessories ColorWare has made, is limited edition.

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