Bloodborne PS4 Boss Guide: Tips To Help You Survive

Bloodborne's many bosses may be challenging, but they can be taken down with some skill and a little planning. Find out how we dealt with them in our in-depth guide.


The sickly land of Yharnam, with its obscene litter of gravestones and coffins, is both your battleground and hunting ground in Bloodborne. Hardly anyone wants you here, and they mean it with every swing of a torch and every stab of a pitchfork. Your hunt will send you into repugnant sewers with giant pigs and labyrinthine forests filled with shrewd snipers. The road is long and hard, but you already knew this.

If you’ve been eager to play this punishing adventure by From Software, it’s probably because you’ve toughened yourself in their Souls series and you’re fully aware that this is its successor. That or you're completely new to Souls games in general and have been interested in making Bloodborne your first. Luckily, the game is one of the PlayStation Plus free games of March 2018, which means you can finally dive into this dark odyssey for the first time if you haven't already.

Like any Souls installment, there are a multitude of punishing bosses to defeat. Many of these nightmarish creatures are liable to give you a hard time, so if you're having trouble defeating them, be sure to check out our various video guides for each boss below. And if you're looking for more tips, be sure to check out our other guides, detailing 13 tips you should know before starting the game and how to defeat every boss in the base game.

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How to Beat The Cleric Beast

Recommended Level: 20 and Above

Recommended Level: 30 and Above

Recommended Level: 40 and Above

Recommended Level: 50 and Above

Recommended Level: 60 and Above

Recommended Level: 70 and Above

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