Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Beat The One Reborn

Size isn't everything. Here's how to take down the second coming of the one.

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Recommended Level: 60

The One Reborn is a big boss, but one with enough surface area to make it a very easy target. Make your way to its base, but feel free to melee attack its outer limbs along the way. Its fireballs are a nuisance, but aren’t so harmful that you can’t just recover health using the Regain System while you continue to pummel The One Reborn’s base.

When you’ve reduced its health to about 30%, listen for a growl from The One Reborn. You must roll away from it or else you’ll be caught in a painful shockwave. Continue to keep your distance because it will most likely follow up that shockwave with a series of rapid foot stomps. You can resume your close-quarters attacks after this temper tantrum.

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