Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Beat Martyr Logarius

He's an optional boss, but if you want to take him on, here's one way to do it.

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Recommended Level: 75

The path to optional boss Martyr Logarius is not an obvious one. Starting from the large roof in Castle Cainhurst, the route involves dropping down to seemingly inaccessible areas of the castle as well as hugging the sides of a couple spires. Do that, and you’ll reach Martyr Logarius.

Not since the Blood-starved Beast has a battle been this fierce, which makes defeating Martyr Logarius all the more satisfying. This rooftop is filled with spires, which are meant for you to take momentary refuge to quickly heal and avoid Logarius’ ranged attacks. In the same way you can attack through some of the game’s collision, so too can this phantom king. The smokey red skulls in his spread attack can often be avoided using the spires, but an occasional skull will sneak through, so don’t get comfy. It takes practice, but a well-timed roll toward the spread attack can often be effective. If he hits you with the more concentrated giant skull attack, be ready to retreat and heal.

He might be three times your size, but Logarius is best addressed using melee attacks. This will prevent him from using ranged attacks and if there is a little distance between you two, you have an opening to trigger a visceral attack. If you’re quick with your melee attacks, you can interrupt many of his own blade assaults. Just keep one eye on your stamina.

If the first half of this duel lets you experiment with the visceral attack, the second half is an ideal case of placing faith in the regain system. Like a heavyweight boxing match consisting of an even trade of blows, you can knock a good chunk of life off Logarius by relying on quick attacks with the shortened version of your melee weapon. Trust the regain system, deal a combination of quick attacks, and retreat behind a spire to heal. No matter how good you are with the regain system, Logarius will take down your health, so be mindful of your HP and your blood vial inventory.

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